Universal Fun Duvet from Redbubble


So your trying to find something to add a splash of nerdy fun to your bedroom but you don’t know what your looking for! Redbubble is an answer to your prayers with their funky nerdy devets! As you can see from the teaser pic above the one I chose is very monochromatic but I have plans to paint my room tan and pumpkin so it will still match but will also pop.


Let me tell you what I love about this design! It’s very Where the Wild Things are meets the Stars! The design is so much fun and even a twin size duvet is really big it’s 68″x88″. I love the sizing, sometimes you buy something like this and its smaller then you would like. That isn’t the case with this one.


As you can see from the photo above it covers my bed which is a queen size. That just shows how big this twin size duvet really is. This duvet is also very well made. The fabric is a nice heavy fabric with tight stitching. It also comes with care instructions so that it will last you a good long time.


The prices start at $97.87 and go up to $143.83. Which is a great price for the quality of the product you will receive. This is a fantastic product and maybe Universal Fun isn’t really what you are looking for; not a problem there are plenty of other options for you to chose from.

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