Batman Unmasked Pop Review



I found a Batman Unmasked in the wild while Pop hunting. As you can see from the sticker on the box this one is a Target Exclusive. This was the only one left in my local Target so I grabbed it up while I had the chance; even though this wasn’t what I was looking for. I’m actually in search of a Winston from Ghostbusters because I will be meeting Ernie Hudson at Spooky Empire’s May-Hem. So of course I want him to autograph it for me!


Look at his little face! I love this Batman because he is more of the Adam West Batman which is just awesome because well Adam West! He is wearing the classic blue and grey Batsuit.


I swear I just heard box collectors cry out over an exclusive being unboxed. However he was returned to the safety of his box after I completed photographing him. Not because I’m a box collector but because I’m currently working on adding shelf space for my collectibles so my Pops are boxed and stacked currently.


He even looks great from the side. He has the little spikes on his gloves. From the back photo you can see his cape goes all the way down to his feet. He is defiantly one to add to your collection if you can find him. He is a great addition. I probably wouldn’t have gotten him if I hadn’t saw him at Target, I refuse to pay high prices from flippers.


One thing I did notice when I took him out of the box is he has gold paint on his one boot! So he is flawed in his painting. I guess if you are a box collector you never know about the flaws but I like them. I feel like it makes you Pop a bit different from everyone else’s.  Besides we are all flawed shouldn’t it be ok for our Pops to be as well?

Attack on Titans Pops Review



For those of you that don’t know I love Attack on Titan and I was so excited to see these Pops on Entertainment Earth! I had pre-ordered them because I wanted to make sure I got the entire set, they were scheduled for release in May however they came in early. I was so excited when I opened the box and saw them. Plus there was this little bonus gift in the box.


This is a cute little display stand that came with my pops! I can’t wait to get everything set up. I might have mentioned it before but I am running low on shelf space so the self proclaimed Geek Queen needs more shelves! LOL My son is supposed to be making me a shelving unit that looks like a coffin which would be excellent for my Living Dead Dolls and horror items!


Mikasa Ackermann is one of the Pops in this series which makes sense since she is one of the main characters. I love her in her scout regiment outfit. She is so cute. She also has her swords drawn and ready to take out a titan!


Eren Jaeger poor misunderstood Eren. He has so many problems but being a dedicated member of the scouts isn’t one of them. However being able to change forms is a bit of a problem.


Eren in Titan Form!! Now I don’t know about the rest of you but when this happened I was like WTF just happened!! I thought is was an awesome plot twist though. I also like that he is able to go back and forth between the two forms. I’m glad he is on our side. One thing I need to mention about this Pop I have seen it in two different styles, I’m not sure why. However I do prefer this one to the other. The coloring on the other one is to dark and it loses detail.


And last but not least the Colossal Titan!! He is my favorite of the set! I mean just look at him he is fantastic! My mother finds him very creepy which ironically just makes me love him more! He is a 6 inch pop so he towers over the other ones which I love! I was so glad they decided to make him a larger Pop! I am starting to build an army of 6 inch Pops!


This is a great series! I hope there is going to be a second series to this set. I can’t help but feel like I’m missing people that should be there! Also as you can see they are still in there box. They aren’t going to stay in their boxes, once I get more order to my world they will be freed! However I will keep their boxes in mint condition in case I feel the need to part with them someday, not that would happen, I would sell a kidney before my collectibles!

RavenHeather’s LootCrate Show N’ Tell! February 2015 Loot Crate Unavailing!!!

lootcrlogo copy


Spoilers!!!! Lots of Spoilers!!! You have been totally warned!! If your crate is ruined I don’t want to hear it!! 

This is your last chance!!!! Turn back now!!!!


I love opening up my Loot Crate and looking at all the wonderful goodies inside! It is like a little Christmas every time. As you can see this crate was filled with all kinds of goodies.


The first fun piece I pulled out of my Crate was a Munny World create your own Mini Munny! This is a vinyl piece that you can design any way you would like. I think this is so much fun. This one is a Loot Crate exclusive, I’m not sure what makes it an exclusive unless it’s because it’s a mini!


Who doesn’t love Hex Bug’s?? I know I love them! This one is a purplish colored Ant! Its also a bit on the large side for a Hex Bug! I can’t wait to really play with this fantastic little robot! He also has a bit of a metallic to his coloring as well. He is super cool.


This is a card game that seems like it’s along the lines of Cards Against Humanity. This is an other exclusive item in this crate. I was looking on Skybound’s site and there are other decks that can be bought to go with this deck. There are scenarios included such as kitten stampedes and inside a giant hamster ball.


Now when I saw the bag of dice I thought it was going to be D&D dice or something that went with SuperFight; but no it was something else entirely. The Loot Crate box actually opens up into a game board! There are game pieces in the back of magazine. Its super cute. You get to play around the board gathering things that come in your monthly crate.


I know the photo is a little shiny but look at how cool this poster is!! I mean it’s a Pac-Man cartridge opened up with the game and circuit board inside.This poster is a thing of beauty. I’m not going to lie there was a girly squeal that came out of me when I saw it!! This just screams gamer goodness.


There was also a copy of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I am looking forward to reading this book. If your not familiar with Ernest he wrote Fanboys. This story is a geek story for geek readers. It scored 4 1/2 stars on goodreads. What could be better then an adventure book filled with video game references?


As always I love the little virtual extra’s. This happens to be one that involves FireFly!!!!!!! What is better then a game that involves this awesome cult classic. Personally I’m a huge Firefly fan and I will take it anyway I can get it.


This is a magazine that is always filled with fun little items. I can’t wait to take a few minutes to read the History of Game Controllers! I really want to read it. I think it will be interesting to see how they got to where they are. Not to mention my game pieces are in the back of the magazine.




In case you haven’t noticed I’m a huge fan of the mystery blind boxes. These are like a little bit of Christmas all year. You never really know what you are going to get in your box.


Tonight’s blind box had Nebula in it. Not only was it Nebula but the glow in the dark Nebula. She is really cute, I’m actually glad I got her. For some reason I never really seem to get the villains.


She is terribly cute as well. She is about an inch and a half tall. I love the coloring of her. She has great blues and a bit of silver to her. She also ties in great with my Doctor Who stuff since she is played by Karen Gillan aka Amy Pond.


This photo shows her coloring better because the flash in the others washed her out a little bit. Her fists are part of where she glows. She doesn’t have an all over glow which is a bit disappointing but it’s still fun.


She is also a tiny little bobble head. This one doesn’t bobble as much as Groot does but she is still fun. I actually just bought a 3 tiered shelf organizer so I can organize all of my small Funko mystery boxes. They are an excellent idea if you are running low on space on your shelves. Also since I was having an issue with some of the minis being top heavy so I used a little double sided sticky tape to keep them from falling over.









Deathwing is an over sized Pop, meaning he is 6 inches! I personally am a hige fan of the over sized Pops! Personally I don’t think Funko makes enough of the big ones!


He looks pretty cool in the box but since I’m not a box collector I don’t mind taking him out of the box so that you can get a better look at him. I mean he is awesome but ones he is out of the box he is just majestic!


I don’t think they photos really show his colors as wonderful as they really are. He also has a bit of weight to him. I love the yellow and reds in Deathwing’s painting. It really makes him stand out especially if you have a dark book shelf like I do.


He has excellent detailing. He even has the broken horn. He is one of my favorite Pops that is for sure! Although I have noticed I’m developing a total love of the dragon ones. I actually own two different Smaugs as well.


Look at his side profile. He is so detailed and awesome. I love that even his little wings are damaged and moth eaten looking. He is also has that brilliant armored look.


He is also beautifully detailed on the back as well. This is something that is a must have for any WOW gamers!!


As with all over sized Pops Deathwing ranges in price from $14.99 to $19.99 sometimes a little more depending on where you purchase them from! I picked this one up off of Amazon but I normally shop on Entertainment Earth or Fugitive Toys.

Black Princess Twilight Sparkle – My Little Pony Mystery Minis by Funko Review



While I was out searching for Funko Pops in the wild, I found this lonely mystery box sitting on the shelf so I had to take it home. This one is from series two. This is the first My Little Pony pop.


These are the ones that could be in the box! If you notice there are several that are black versions of the originals.Which makes them look really cool under a black light.


I actually got one of the ones I wanted out of the box. I love this black Princess Twilight Sparkle. I’m sad the photos don’t really do her justice her purple is a really nice purple.


If you notice she has a cute little cutie mark right on her rump. Although she doesn’t have real hair she looks awesome.


I mean look at that little face. She is so cute. I normally don’t add cutie stuff like this to my collection but I am glad to have her. She does look a bit out of place on my shelf though.


I love the little marks on her little feet. I may not add any more ponies to my collection but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. They are so adorable. Funko did another great job with these minis!

Guardians of the Galaxy Mystery Minis By Funko Groot Addition



I know you all have seen these Mystery Minis in all the stores. If not the Guardians of the Galaxy another one. This is actually the first Guardians one I have bought; it look so lonely on the self by it’s self at Walgreens, I couldn’t just leave it there.


Plus you have all these killer minis that might be in the box. I am a bit disappointed there isn’t the Collector or Thanos in this series but maybe in another series there will be. This is part of the series 1 set. I love the mystery minis not only are they cute but it’s like Christmas you don’t know what is in your box so it’s a little extra fun.


Inside the bag if you aren’t familiar with the minis is a black bag that your figure is in. I have to say when I pulled the bag out I though the figure was broken. As you can see Groot is fine; however these little minis are bobble heads! Which is epic!! I love the bobbles just as much as the regular Funko Pop Vinyls. I know some people only collect one or the other or certain series! Not this girl, I collect what I like.


Here is a shot of Groots lean, mean little booty. I love the green coloring he has it makes him more authentic. His little face is also a little bit of art work, with his lines in his face and his bright green eyes. Close up he is detailed so he looks like he has bark on.


No he isn’t broken I just wanted to show you his little bobble. You will also notice on his little feet that he has a Marvel mark as well as Funko and the year. He is fabulous. I think I’m going to have to get a couple more of these. Also I hope you all love Funko as much as I do because I have a feeling there is going to be a lot more Pops popping up!!

Crochet Dinosaur Toy By The Faded Wildflower Review and Giveaway


Looking for a cute gift for a loved one or for yourself? The Faded Wildflower is the place to go! The hand made crotchet plushies are awesome!


Look at how cute this dinosaur is! I mean the coloring is an amazing combination. The crocheting is expertly done. The stitches are tight so if you give this to little ones you don’t have to worry about them getting their fingers stuck in between the stitching.


I mean look at that little face. The stuffing is also a perfect amount. There isn’t over stuffing where its hard or not enough so it’s all floppy. I also love that his eyes are 3 colors instead of just one or two. This is also a fun toy that kids love! My grandson loves this!!


His little backside is so cute too!!! Look at his little spikes! Maybe you have a girl that isn’t a fan of dinosaurs well there are plenty of other choices.



Not only do I get to enjoy one of these wonderful dinosaurs but one lucky winner will as well.  All you need to do is send an email to with your name and address. Also tell me what your favorite item is at The Faded Wildflower! This contest will end on October 28, 2014!

Godzilla 2014 Movie Review

Hey Arcaders! Raygunn here, wanting to introduce to our newest scribe here at the Archives- RavenHeather! She will bringing her own unique spin on movies, conventions, and more! Enjoy!!!!!


I know that I’m not the only person who couldn’t wait for this movie to be released this weekend! I also know that I probably wasn’t the only one that was a bit hesitant about getting too excited over it! I mean I hate to be the Debbie Downer but we all remember the 1998 Godzilla fiasco! I opted to see it in a 3D format which I think is the only way to go with this movie. Do yourself a favor and go all out!


Which is why it was so refreshing to actually see a worthwhile Godzilla movie! I know you will read in a lot of reviews that it started out a little slow; which it did but it was setting up an epic plot. I personally thought this movie was an outstanding reboot if you want to call it a reboot. Which it isn’t really it’s more of a new take on an old story but bottom line like all Godzilla movies the ignorance of man is our worst enemy.


Bryan Cranston formally of Breaking Bad did an outstanding performance. He was able to bring the emotional torment his character was feeling right to the audience. He is such an incredible actor; I truly felt his pain. Aaron Taylor-Johnson who some of you may know as everyday Joe super hero Kickass; brought a level of bad ass to the movie I never knew he had in him. Ken Watanabe was also amazing in this movie. He brought the history and culture to the movie. I mean really whats a Godzilla movie with out that one guy that knows this is an ancient creature that brings balance to the world! I also really enjoyed the effects in the movie. Godzilla has come a long way in the past 60 years. He is a force to be reckoned with. I don’t know if I was the only one but the second his mountainous back spines appeared rising out of the ocean I held my breath waiting for his grand entrance. I was not disappointed. He was spectacular to behold; a grand monster coming to cause a bit of chaos while restoring balance.

images 7

Now if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to know anything about the movie other then if it’s worth seeing this is where you are going to stop reading!!! Spoilers aren’t really my style but there are a few aspects you may not want to know in advance that are too cool not to talk about!!


So if your still reading you want to know what I think is so cool! Well for one Ken Wanabe’s character Dr. Ichiro Serizawa works for an organization called Monarch. They have known about Godzilla since the 50’s. Secondly the other big ancient creatures in the movie seem to be an updated version of Mothra! They come from cocoons as well. Which is awesome to me even if they don’t have little singing women with them. Lastly Godzilla breathed bright blue fire! That was epic for me! I loved the ending battle of the monsters! Godzilla was screaming and breathing fire like the king of monsters that he is!

images 8

I wasn’t disappointed in the ending of the movie either. I thought it was brilliant that the movie ended the classic way with Godzilla returning to the ocean! Not only did they not kill him but it leaves it open for him to return from the icy depths in the future.