Dalak Votive Candle Holder by Izzy’s Creation


In case you haven’t figured it out I’m a major Whovian! So when I got the chance to review this Dalak votive candle holder by Izzy’s Creation. It is beautiful now keep in mind I don’t have a lot of real candles in my house any more because I have a very sketchy cat and my house is 100 years old.


Even with this funky cube light thing I have in there, in the dark you can still see this expertly etched Dalak! The photos don’t do it justice. It is such a wonderful etching that is very detailed and even. There isn’t any errors in the design so you don’t have to worry about anything looking off. This is a perfect but subtle piece to display in your home or even in your office.


I really like the way it looks with the different colors in it. I absolutely love this candle holder. I find it hard to believe that some people don’t love Doctor Who as much as I do; if that’s the case don’t worry there are other options for you. Also if you want Walking Dead glasses instead. No worries there is a set with Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon.


Maybe you want something else a hat maybe or a zombie ear necklace. Izzy’s Creation has what you are looking for. I promise you with the holidays coming you are going to want to check out this store.

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