Batman Guitar Strap by Revolution Guitar Straps


What geeky guitar player doesn’t need a beautifully hand crafted Batman guitar strap? None that I know of! These straps are geektastic! They are beautiful. I love all the guitar straps at Revolution Guitar Straps! They are all so bright and vibrant.


As you can see that patterns are bright and bold. So there is no mistake what is on your guitar strap. You can also see the stitching is strait and tight. So there isn’t any worry about the strap coming apart. Its also nicely padded so that its comfortable to use.


This is another shot of the rest of the pattern. This strap is one of the best guitar straps I have ever own. They are expertly handcrafted and well worth the money! You can get one of these straps for $30. You can also request a custom order if you don’t see what you are looking for; however there are so many great straps the choice from I don’t see how you couldn’t find something fantastic!


Each strap also comes with the option of adding the cord for acoustic guitars as well.  As you can see from the photo above every strap comes with care instructions so that you can have this amazing strap for a long time. If you play guitar these straps are a must!!

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