Happy Power Rangers Day!

So it is finally official.  Today is now Power Rangers Day! And to celebrate, here’s some clips that definitely helped make this series memorable.  

Voltron Season 7 Trailer

If you’re recharging your batteries Arcaders, you may want to cut your rest time short, because the trailer for Season 7 of “Voltron: Legendary Defender” is here! I’ll admit, the gap between Seasons is a little short this time around, but nevertheless, the trailer more than delivers regardless!  

Star Wars: The Clone Wars New Trailer

Grab your lightsabers and blasters, and get ready to suit up in your Jedi-Robes and Phase-2 Armor Arcaders, for after years of speculating, and seeing only a few animatics to sate our curiosity, we finally at long last get a season trailer to a series left canceled yet not forgotten, and most importantly, not yet…

E3 2018: Nintendo Treehouse-Donkey Kong

Rejoice Arcaders, for after so many years of wondering if we would ever get an official release of the original Donkey Kong arcade game from Nintendo, here it is.  And not only that, but Nintendo has Don James himself to talk quite a bit about it. And not only that but we get yet another…