Spider-Man: Far from Home Trailer

“You got gifts Parker.  But you have a job to do.  Are you going to step up or not?” -Nick Fury “You’re all alone.  Your friends are in trouble.  What are you going to do about it?” -Happy Hogan    

Star Wars Vader Fan film

In a time where fan films definitely showcase fans talents and their passion for a franchise, here is one that seems to stand out from all the Star Wars fan films as of late. So if you haven’t seen this fan film, you are missing out!  

Voltron Season 7 Thoughts

When you’ve hit such an emotional peak with a aseason like Season 6 of Voltron, where do you go from here? Well, it’s simple. you keep the action going and never make too easy or too straightforward for the heroes, and that’s exactly what the showrunners did. In many ways this season can be split…

Ultrasonic’s thoughts: Voltron Season 6

In TV shows, there’s always seasons that are well more liked than others, and that’s just the nature of the beast.  But in the midst of all that there’s always that one season that manages to elevate the show beyond what it is and into something that no mere word can describe.  And in the…

Voltron Season 8 Trailer

In 2016 an animated series came out on Netflix that was a reboot of a beloved animated classic from the 1980s.  However, as audiences watched the episodes it became clear very quickly that this series was more than just a reboot.  And the fact that the producers had worked on “Avatar: The Last Airbender” as…

Stan Lee Tribute

To say that Stanley Martin Lieber – a.k.a. Stan “The Man” Lee was a legend would be an understatement.  The man’s impact on the world of not just comic books, or pop culture, but the world itself is not something one can begin to measure.  And the impact the man’s work had on my own…

Happy Power Rangers Day!

So it is finally official.  Today is now Power Rangers Day! And to celebrate, here’s some clips that definitely helped make this series memorable.