ImageSuper Mario 3D World for the Wii U is out now and it is one of the best Mario games to date. But as I am sitting down playing this game I can’t help but remember all the many worlds, lands, and even galaxies that the Mario Bros. and I have been to. With all these adventures together I think that I have learned some very important life lessons along the way. So come with me as I relate twenty of greatest life lessons I have learned from playing every Super Mario game to date.

  1. Save your money…it may lead to an extra life
  2. You can do anything with a little help from your family (and some weird mushroom looking guys)
  3. Being shot out of a cannon is not only fun it’s safe
  4. Things can always be found in the last place you look (example Princesses)
  5. Never be afraid to change your looks (Raccoon tails are always in)
  6. Always face your fears (and by fears I mean ghosts)
  7. Better to jump to far than to little
  8. Beware of the pot holes in life
  9. Watch out for exploding turtles
  10. Sometimes in life you must step on people to get to where you are going (by people I mean Goombas)
  11. Life is all about change so look out for moving platforms
  12. Eating mushrooms makes you grow big and strong
  13. Mind your surroundings you never know what can fall from the sky
  14. Gravity is weird
  15. Whenever in doubt jump into a painting
  16. Catching rabbits leads to happiness
  17. If at first you don’t succeed don’t worry you have an extra life
  18. Don’t be afraid to throw away your vegetables
  19. Sometimes the worst enemy you have to face is yourself (or someone who is disguised as you)
  20. Scuba diving can be hazardous to your health

If you have any lessons that you have learned that are not on this list please feel free to add by replying to this post.

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