Origin Story


Okay, okay I know Pokémon week is over but I promise that I have two more Pokémon related posts and I will move on. But I couldn’t resist making a small advertisement for Pokémon: Origins. This anime is a direct version of Red and Blue (and Green if you are from Japan) Gameboy games. Each of the chapters are on Pokémon.com  and can be seen for free. Also side note there is a Pokémon TV app on iTunes and Google Play that you can also watch each chapter.  I will have to say this isn’t your little brother’s Pokémon anime. No Ash, No Pikachu just the story of the game step by step. It does skip a few things but it does hit all the important parts of the Pokémon games. My favorite thing is that is starts just like you started the game up yourself and ends as if you saved the game and turned off your Gameboy. If you any kind of fan of Pokémon or even just cool anime just check it out!

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