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Japan Crate March 2015 Unveiling


Japan Crate is a monthly subscription crate that is filled with Japanese treats.  There are three different size crates you can choose ranging from $12 to $30 with free domestic shipping. The premium box is the one I tried that was filled with about 2 pounds of treats.


As you can see from the photo the box is packed full of different things. I think my favorite item in the box was the Mario pop!! I mean look at him; he is awesome! He is almost to cute to eat, almost!


I love the packaging on this! It is just so cute. This item is a lolipop, it’s not bad. Its not a huge lolipop it’s actually the perfect size for just a little sweet treat.


Milky is an evaporated milk flavored taffy. Don’t make the mistake that it’s like salt water taffy or something like that. This stuff starts out rock hard then softens up becoming something akin to glue for your teeth. It also doesn’t taste like anything at first, then it’s gets this awful taste that doesn’t want to leave you! This stuff is evil; I advise you to stay far away from it.


This is a cookie with a chocolate filling. Its not to bad the cookie was a little dry and crumbly but the flavors were good. The filling was chips of chocolate but this isn’t a chocolate chip cookie. It’s hard to explain but it’s like the cookie is folded over the chips.


This is a chocolate umbrella. It’s not anything weird just a cute novelty toy. The chocolate has a nice flavor. This one is just a basic fun candy.


This is 12 separate pieces of chocolate. You would think by the front they are filled but they aren’t. They are hard pieces of chocolate with flavoring added to them. It’s kinda weird because they taste like they might have booze in them but they don’t. I checked. These are just very strange to me.


Fits is gum. The package actually has magnets on it to help keep it closed. According to the information in the crate its club gum and is supposed to taste like alcoholic fruit drinks. I’m not sure what they taste like in Japan but this gum missed the mark, I think. It did however get the vile Milky’s taste out of my mouth.


Mario!!!! Look at that face!! It was slightly weird shoving Mario into my mouth but the taste wasn’t bad. He is pure chocolate plumber! This is a fun novelty candy. I also love the packaging for this to, its complete with Bowzer and a piranha plant!!


This is one of those DYI candy kits. It’s fun and annoying all at the same time! I mean I have to microwave chocolate then pour it into molds! The idea of giving this to a child is enough to give me nightmares. Its a bit of a chore for impatient adults. However it’s very cute.


Okay this one is just weird!! This is another DIY to mimic an appetizer they sell in Japan, that is an octopus filled fried ball thing.  Again I’m going by the information in the crate. This one terrified me. Thankfully there wasn’t octopus in there just gummy ones. Again I’m not sure this is a good idea for kids and its weird.


These are kinda like a combo! They have a cookie like shell with a green tea filling. They aren’t to bad but they do leave a funky after taste but it’s nothing compared to Milky! I’m serious just stay away from it.


I thought Milky was the worst there was and then I got to this monstrosity. This is like an astronaut ice cream cone! Its a chocolate wafer cone with chocolate and vanilla styrofoam filling.  I’m always game to try something new which is why I think crates like this are awesome but sometimes there are things like this you just don’t want in your mouth!!


This was pretty good. I would have drank a case of this. It almost tastes like the one Monster that my son drinks with out the ridiculous amount of caffeine. There is a nice lemon flavor but not a sour taste. Its even good at room temperature.

Over all I enjoyed the adventure that Japan Crate offers it’s subscribers. I also really like that you can choose the size crate you want so you can fit it to your budget.

Tales from the Game Grid #14



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Tales From The Game Grid #13


Toad and Koopa Troopa images are copyright Nintendo, so please support the official release. Tales from the Game Grid and all related material is copyright Joshua Jordan.


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You can also send us comments and even Fan Art (that we will put on all the sites) via email: talesfromthegamegrid@gmail.com

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The Gamesters Episode 4: Christmas 2014 Snow Ride?

Oh no! The Wynesten is having Christmas flashbacks and there is only one plumber who can save him…No not Gary..(why do I even bother) It’s Mario in Super Mario 3D World! Join The Gamesters as they journey into Mario’s 3est of D Worlds.

Music used:

Various Super Mario 3D World themes

8-bit Christmas Music used  can be found at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA9EDF4017FBCC920

8-bit Slow Ride can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7yEoNaJ9fE

All copyright material belongs to their respective owners. This video is intended to entertain you (hopefully). No part of this video can be copied unless written consent from The Gamesters.

holiday outro

Electric Circus SideShow Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Review

Here it is a new Electric Circus SideShow! This time reviewing Captain Toad Treasure Tracker for the WiiU!

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Champion’s Road Attempts (with some slightly funny commentary)


This is my first attempt at a Let’s Play type video. If you like it let me know I did the entire video form my iPod. This is a friend of mine who has been trying for a VERY long time to beat Champion’s Road but to no avail.

Direct Review 11/18/13

Hey Arcaders,

Ubernerd527 here! So I want to try to start a new post and here is how its going to works; Above I put the Nintendo Direct video so just in case you didn’t watch it you can. Then after you watch it then you can read my review of the video and then feel free to add you own feelings by replying to my post. So as you know I am a big Nintendo fan and I get really excited to see a new Nintendo Direct (We are going to call it ND for the rest of the post). I think it is one of the things that the other systems don’t do.

What better way to get people excited for the future then to show some new titless. In this video Nintendo introduced us to games like Hyrule Warriors (not the final title according to the video), Chibi Robo Photo Finder, NES Remix, Yoshi’s New Island and Dr. Luigi. What do I think about these new titles? Well, I think they are all pretty interesting especially Hyrule Warriors. I have never played games like Dynasty Warriors or anything like that but this game seems very interesting. Being able to attack an entire army with just my sword and a few weapons is amazing! Plus it’s pretty cool to see a second Zelda game on the WiiU so close after the first one. Its also interesting to note that Nintendo is trying something different with one of its more popular titles. As for Chibi Robo, I never really played the original so I can really get to excited for its 3DS debut. However some of the features of the game look pretty interesting like taking a picture of something in real life and it appearing in the game. NES Remix is another game that I think would be cool to have but I think my friend and owner of this blog raygunn1 would enjoy it more. Going on to Yoshi’s New Island I think this game looks interesting but I don’t know if I am eager to play it as much as the other games they announced. Finally there is Dr. Luigi which I will admit is a pretty cool idea that I think will improve on the original game. Now I will confess that I haven’t played any Dr. Mario games since the Gameboy game for the Original Gameboy! Even so I am kinda thrilled to see how this game plays out.

Now on to other announcements New DLC for Sonic Lost World, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze gets a new (or should I say old?) Character, a new Kirby game for the 3DS; Kirby Triple Deluxe, a free trial version of Bravely Default, a new game for Wii Sports Club, a new Character for Smash Bros. for the WiiU and 3DS, and finally more News about Mario Kart 8. Nintendo announced free DLC for Sonic Lost World that will start coming out for the WiiU version of the game. The first is a level designed like Yoshi’s Island. First of all when I heard this my mind exploded because this is only something that fans have been dreaming about since first playing Sonic. Now I have not played Sonic Lost World due to the low reviews that the game got but I may pick up this game if not for anything else but for the DLC. Donkey Kong is coming back and this time he is bring friends. In the new game for the WiiU Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Nintendo announced that Cranky Kong, who has long been a background character gets his time to shine. I can’t help but notice that Nintendo is also making a DuckTales reference with Cranky by giving him a cane that he can use as a pogo stick. But hey I love DuckTales and this will add a new element to the game so I am not complaining. Before we get to Kirby, a side note one of these days I want to do a post about Kirby because I think this is one of the most overlook Nintendo characters. Which is why I got eager to see a new Kirby game for the 3DS when it was originally announced a few months back. But now the game has a title, Kirby Triple Deluxe. The game looks great and the new additions don’t hurt either. Even the side games, Kirby Fighters and Dedede’s Drum Dash look like it will give the game a long shelf life.  Another cool looking game for the 3DS comes in the form of Bravely Default. I really think that Nintendo of America is trying to get this game to be popular here in the states. How you may ask? By letting you download a free demo of the game. But not just any game demo but a game that is a prolog to the main story. Where not only can you get items that carry over to the main game but other perks as well. I guess this is pretty cool I might actually download this game demo if not for anything but for a almost free game. Next is a new mini game you can download for the Wii sports Club. This game is Golf and I will have to say it is one of the most innovative uses for the touch pad controller that I have seen. Using the Wii-mote as the club you use the touch pad controller to see where your ball is for more accurate hitting. There is even a course that they based off of an old NES golf game which would be interesting to play. my only problem with it is why only give people a 24 hour trial of the game? Why couldn’t they have just made this game free to download like the previous game. This game is pretty much a game to show you what you can do with your WiiU much like Wii Sports was with the Wii. So why not let people download it for free? Or even do a special like they are doing with WiiFit were you have to get something to go with the game to get it for free. But lets move on to some news that I am always eager to see; A new Smash Bros. character. This time they introduce Rosalina and Luma. These two characters must becoming more and more popular because Nintendo seems to add them to a lot a there new games like Super Mario 3D World. I am not putting Rosalina down I have fond memories of  Super Mario Galaxy and it is one of my favorite games for the Wii. However I didn’t really think Rosalina was all that great of a character in the game cause you really didn’t learn anything about her other then Nintendo hinting that her and Peach my be sisters. But I am thrilled to see how she plays in Super Smash Bros after playing her in Super Mario 3D World. The video that they showed introducing Rosalina was kinda interesting and it made me wonder if this was the first part of a story mode that the game might have. Lastly we have Mario Kart 8 which is another game that I am interested in. Sonic All-stars Racing Transformed showed what a Kart game could be on the WiiU and it really thrills me to see what Nintendo can do on its own system.

Now I know that I left one announcement out from the top and I did that on purpose. Pokemon Bank is the one thing that I am most thrilled for. However, the reason I didn’t add it was because they didn’t really introduce anything new about it. Just like they said before you will be able to store up to 3,000 Pokemon on a cloud system and also transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Black, White, Black 2 and White 2. The only new piece was that if you download it you will be given a free Celebi. Which make me happy cause this Pokemon is one of my favorite legendary Pokemon. The 27th can’t come fast enough!

In Conclusion, this is the final ND for 2013 and I believe that Nintendo was trying very hard to get those last minute Christmas shoppers and convince them to buy a Nintendo system. Did it work? Yes and no. Yes, they showed off what is coming soon and for the Nintendo gamers out there I think it worked really well. No, because for those who aren’t Nintendo fans there wasn’t a lot of third party titles like Call of Duty or something else that they announced. Most of the games featured in this video were first party titles. If Nintendo wants to grab people who are more Sony or Microsoft fans they have to get some third pary titles. To finish this I want to add a grade for the video and I think I will give this an –A. Why? Because it gets people excited for the new year as well as show that the WiiU still have some punch into it. But if Nintendo wants to compete with other systems they will have to start getting some more third party titles.


ImageSuper Mario 3D World for the Wii U is out now and it is one of the best Mario games to date. But as I am sitting down playing this game I can’t help but remember all the many worlds, lands, and even galaxies that the Mario Bros. and I have been to. With all these adventures together I think that I have learned some very important life lessons along the way. So come with me as I relate twenty of greatest life lessons I have learned from playing every Super Mario game to date.

  1. Save your money…it may lead to an extra life
  2. You can do anything with a little help from your family (and some weird mushroom looking guys)
  3. Being shot out of a cannon is not only fun it’s safe
  4. Things can always be found in the last place you look (example Princesses)
  5. Never be afraid to change your looks (Raccoon tails are always in)
  6. Always face your fears (and by fears I mean ghosts)
  7. Better to jump to far than to little
  8. Beware of the pot holes in life
  9. Watch out for exploding turtles
  10. Sometimes in life you must step on people to get to where you are going (by people I mean Goombas)
  11. Life is all about change so look out for moving platforms
  12. Eating mushrooms makes you grow big and strong
  13. Mind your surroundings you never know what can fall from the sky
  14. Gravity is weird
  15. Whenever in doubt jump into a painting
  16. Catching rabbits leads to happiness
  17. If at first you don’t succeed don’t worry you have an extra life
  18. Don’t be afraid to throw away your vegetables
  19. Sometimes the worst enemy you have to face is yourself (or someone who is disguised as you)
  20. Scuba diving can be hazardous to your health

If you have any lessons that you have learned that are not on this list please feel free to add by replying to this post.