Deathwing is an over sized Pop, meaning he is 6 inches! I personally am a hige fan of the over sized Pops! Personally I don’t think Funko makes enough of the big ones!


He looks pretty cool in the box but since I’m not a box collector I don’t mind taking him out of the box so that you can get a better look at him. I mean he is awesome but ones he is out of the box he is just majestic!


I don’t think they photos really show his colors as wonderful as they really are. He also has a bit of weight to him. I love the yellow and reds in Deathwing’s painting. It really makes him stand out especially if you have a dark book shelf like I do.


He has excellent detailing. He even has the broken horn. He is one of my favorite Pops that is for sure! Although I have noticed I’m developing a total love of the dragon ones. I actually own two different Smaugs as well.


Look at his side profile. He is so detailed and awesome. I love that even his little wings are damaged and moth eaten looking. He is also has that brilliant armored look.


He is also beautifully detailed on the back as well. This is something that is a must have for any WOW gamers!!


As with all over sized Pops Deathwing ranges in price from $14.99 to $19.99 sometimes a little more depending on where you purchase them from! I picked this one up off of Amazon but I normally shop on Entertainment Earth or Fugitive Toys.

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