Black Princess Twilight Sparkle – My Little Pony Mystery Minis by Funko Review



While I was out searching for Funko Pops in the wild, I found this lonely mystery box sitting on the shelf so I had to take it home. This one is from series two. This is the first My Little Pony pop.


These are the ones that could be in the box! If you notice there are several that are black versions of the originals.Which makes them look really cool under a black light.


I actually got one of the ones I wanted out of the box. I love this black Princess Twilight Sparkle. I’m sad the photos don’t really do her justice her purple is a really nice purple.


If you notice she has a cute little cutie mark right on her rump. Although she doesn’t have real hair she looks awesome.


I mean look at that little face. She is so cute. I normally don’t add cutie stuff like this to my collection but I am glad to have her. She does look a bit out of place on my shelf though.


I love the little marks on her little feet. I may not add any more ponies to my collection but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. They are so adorable. Funko did another great job with these minis!

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  1. Not gonna lie, that is pretty cool.


    1. ravenheather says:

      She is. Although she does stick out just a bit since most of my collectibles are comic, video game, horror, or fantasy/scifi related. But it’s ok she is cute!


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