Welcome Arcaders… To Donkey Kong Month!

Hey Arcaders!

Time for another special month here at the Arcade Archives- Donkey Kong month! 40 years ago, a game was released into arcades all over the world- and would change the landscape forever… Radarscope!

It was Nintendo’s first arcade game (dedicated cabinet) in America. It’s a good game, but unfortunately, in a arcade full of space shooters- Radarscope was just a blip on the radar (pun intended).

Funny- had this game hit about two years earlier, it would have been a hit. But, now they have a warehouse full of Radarscope machines and they aren’t selling. What to do…

I guess we will find out the answers in this month’s Coin Up about the big guy himself!

Plus, sprinkle in some other fun stuff like…

And we are in for a fun 30 or so days!!!

So join us in celebrating the 40th birthday of the big gorilla himself ( and some guy named Jumpman…) all month long here at the Arcade Archives!!!

And as I always say-


One comment

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself Ray. And with this special month I hope we can take as many Arcaders along for the ride! 😀😃


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