Happy 40th Birthday Mtv! (Original Title- Man, Am I Old!)

Hey Arcaders!

No- I didn’t forget. But with something this big, you really have to think about what to write. To say that Mtv defined peoples lives is an understatement. But, to the kids that WERE THERE- That moment it came on- 12:02am August 1st,1981, It was one of the biggest changes in our young lives- in a world where we experienced so many things FOR THE FIRST TIME. Summer blockbusters, video games, shopping malls, ARCADES (of course) home computers, and cable tv all started in my generation (or slightly before) and to have it to ourselves.

For the very first moments was pretty spectacular. And- I was there when it turned on for the first time. We had gotten cable a few years before (heck- my first bedroom had a 12″ black and white tv with rabbit ears… do you know what rabbit ears are? Man, I’m old.) I stayed up- no big whoop- I was 15… sleep was an option back then. I set my Gerrold  wired cable box to the channel provided by the scrolling cable schedule… and waited…

And waited…

and waited…

 and, then…

it was 12:02 AM… and the first words spoken were…

I was up all night. It was beginning of something so new- there were no words to describe it. That channel was on a week straight. I couldn’t wait for the next video- to see my favorite bands playing like they were performing a concert in my family room- FOR ME. Some of them- you had never seen before. It was amazing. Then you had the group of awesome people- Veejays. you got to know them like they were a part of your family. And they were there day and night. Mark, Martha, Alan, J.J., and Nina were always there for you- good days and bad.

And the bands… to see Def Leppard, Men At Work, The Kings, Van Halen, The Fixx, Duran Duran, Styx, Foreigner, Journey, and so many more for the first time. Plus bands you grew up with like The Who, The Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith- doing music videos, AND concerts- it was magical. Mtv was on my TV rotation through high school and into college. Then, something started changing.  My Veejays started leaving. It was like a brother or sister leaving home. It was quite sad. The final nail for me was Remote Control.

Now don’t get me wrong. It was a good show, for an another channel in my opinion. That’s the moment when Mtv changed… forever. I stopped watching as much. Mtv begat VH1… it was not the same. A very pivotal moment in my teenage years was over… at the end of one of the greatest decades ever.

Then, the internet happened. And satellite radio. and specialty radio channels. And… My Veejays were back. Older- yes. But they were there- to listen to.


All except J.J. He had plans to join everyone at Sirius XM, when tragedy struck. On March 17, 2004, he died of an apparent heart attack at the age of 62.

and I listen from time to time. But- it’s not the same. Nothing ever is. So, I have the few videos over on Tube of You, and they put a smile on my face when I watch them. Over the memories they bring up of my youth- when everything was a clean slate- new and anything was possible. and that all started 40 years ago. Man, I’m old. Thank you Mtv. 1981 was the best year ever.

Keep Playin Like it’s 1981.


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