Horns By Trish Dobson Review


Can I just say that letting my horns show make me very happy?? I mean from the time I was little I wanted my own horns; after all you can’t be an evil fairy without them can ya?


These horns are fantastically crafted by Trish Dobson! The horns I am wearing are the purple harley costume and cosplay horns. I love them. They are expertly made and beautiful. In the photos you can’t really see how perfect their coloring really is. They are a dark purple however the closer to the tip you get the color gets a little lighter. The horns also have glitter in them.


These horns are a great addition to your cosplay wardrobe. They aren’t heavy either and they feel good on your head. Trish Dobson doesn’t just make this style of horns she also does Unicorn horns and Devil twist horns.


Horns aren’t the only thing that she sells she also designs cats ears, masks, and claws. There are so many wonderful cosplay items in her store for any type of Con you want to go to. I personally recommend her for all of your needs.


The prices are right as well! For the horns that I have they are only $15. That is an outstanding price for the quality you will receive. They also come in just about any color you can imagine! You want multi colored horns? You can do that too! Trish also does custom orders to help you to obtain the look you are looking for!!

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