Beautiful Disasters Creations Review


Beautiful Disasters Creations designs incredible necklaces. These aren’t for the meek! The two that I got to review were absolutely fabulous! They were two of my favorite things Jason Voorhees and Deadpool!


Both necklaces are very pretty. I know your thinking how can they be pretty? Well I will tell you how they are both are adorned with rhinestones. The Jason necklace is his hockey mask with jeweled eyes and Deadpool is in the shape of a heart with jewels running down the one side.


I love both styles they fit great and they aren’t heavy! They also add a bit of flash to my outfit. I enjoy wearing pop culture items of my favorite things. Both of these necklaces are eye catching. I have gotten several compliments while wearing them! I can’t wait until my next horror convention to wear the Jason one!


There are several other styles In the shop you can choose from depending on what’s favorite. I personally hate clowns but she has an amazing Pennywise necklace! She also has some band stuff such as Sublime and Misfits. I’m not sure if you can do custom orders but the prices are right! The prices range from $8 to $12. I don’t think you can find a better price for what you get.


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