NINTENDO™ Early 90’s Customer Service Video!

Nintendo… A company well known in the arcade industry as well as the home market through the 1980’s. Nintendo’s arcade games put them in the top 2 manufacturers through the  early portion of the decade. Their first U.S. hit Donkey Kong was so good in fact, home console makers fought to have the rights (Coleco won the console version, Atari got the computer version, both great ports, IMHO.) By 1984, the climate was changing… people were tired of buying awful games at outrageous prices. That was when the consumer really felt the  game crash for the first time. Companies closed their doors for good, leaving the players confused as to where they were going to play games again (both the arcades and the home consoles were dying quickly.)  What we in the states didn’t know was Nintendo had their own game system… and in less than a year, there would be a gaming resurgence people had not seen in several years. The Nintendo Entertainment System would change the rules of the industry (some good, some bad) that we use up to this day. This video from the early 90’s really shows their commitment to  customer service at the height of the NES’s lifespan . I know Nintendo gets a lot of knocks these days, but without them, we may not have the game systems we have today. All you classic TV  viewers will recognize the host- Grant Goodeve from the show Eight Is Enough.


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