Wreck It Ralph Alert #5- Wreck it- Wreck it Ralph By Buckner and Garcia!

Hey Arcaders!

We are 1 WEEK AWAY from the premiere Of Wreck It Ralph, and I thought I would let you have a listen to something very special- The Wreck It Ralph theme song from the movie- FROM BUCKNER AND GARCIA!!!!!

I was absolutely blown away when I got the news that Buckner and Garcia were on the soundtrack- They wrote the soundtrack for the arcade in the 1980’s, so fitting that they were asked to do this song. Unfortunately, Gary Garcia did not get to complete the project, his writing partner and fellow bandmate Jerry Buckner, with help from most of the original band, wrote a very catchy tune and dedicated it to his good friend.

What did I think of it? one word- AWESOME!!! This COULD have been on the Pac-Man Fever album in 1982. One of the subtle things I like is the lack of any of the game’s sounds,  just like in the song Mousetrap. Also, if you listen close, you can hear Pac- Man Fever in the background. Just an amazing song, and now more than ever, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!! More important- BUY THE CD!!!!!


    1. Hey Mike,
      I wish to thank Buckner & Garcia for writing the soundtrack for a very special group in my generation- Arcaders everywhere listened to that LP until it was worn out. They sang about the one thing we liked to do… that for the most part at the time was despised by people (everyone seems to forget that today!). Like Rock and Roll before it, we were pioneers, bucking the status quo, and enjoying our young lives to the fullest, where a quarter could take you anywhere… and they were in front lighting the way, making the average joe understand through song, what it was like playing these games. And when we lost Gary, it was like we lost a part of our past, too. Then, when I saw that they had a NEW SONG coming out on the soundtrack that is literally a love letter about the arcade, I wanted everyone to hear it… and buy it… and may be more songs could come out about this wonderful place, that really doesn’t exist anymore (but should).
      I thank you, Jerry, and everyone else involved- BTW… the song is awesome! It brings me back everytime I listen to it!
      KEEP PLAYIN’ LIKE IT’S 1981!


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