Well here it is, my blog. not sure what to do with it yet, but the menu said I have a blog, so I figure I probably should write something. How does the site look so far? please let me know. Well, a bit about me….. I worked in my first arcade on a brisk September afternoon  in 1981. I was the change attendant at the Dream Machine Arcade at the South Hills Mall in Poughkeepsie NY. within a few weeks, I was learning how to repair games as well. And as much as I liked playing games, I loved fixing them more. To actually see firsthand how they worked was awesome!

In the next 15 years I would work for Nickels & Dimes, Fun & Games,  Namco Cybercade, Fun Machine, Tilt, and Chuck E. Cheese’s. Then, by 1997, a strange thing happened…..arcades started disappearing overnight! Many great arcades just shut down from lack of attendance and poor rehashes of games we had already seen. But more importantly, was the release of the fifth generation consoles (SNES, Genesis, 3DO, Saturn, PlayStation) . The graphics on their machines were almost as good as what we were seeing in the arcade. Now, don’t get me wrong. This had been going on for 2 decades at this point. Pong came out, then Home Pong was there to satisfy the need when we couldnt get out to the arcades. Then Donkey Kong came out.  Coleco was there with their near perfect port on the Colecovision that we could play anytime. Even in the early years of the NES we had great some great ports of arcade games.

The difference back then was not the games. it was the interaction of playing with other people in a room full of machines. To actually stand in front of a game and put your money in and see what you had with everyone watching. to see that game for the first time when we only had magazines to tell us about them. It was nothing short of astonishing. I wish kids today could experience what we had back then. Heck I wish I could see it one more time. Well That’s my four tokens worth for now Please check us out for game reviews, podcasts, and blog entries daily!

Thanks- And keep playin’ like its 1981!


Ray with one of his favorites!


    1. Hey Ross!
      Thanks for joining us!
      All I have from that arcade is a single token….Quite sad because the Dream Machine was the greatest arcade EVER! unfortunately, Dream machine had a very strict policy ( as a lot of arcades did back then) of no picture taking inside or outside of the arcade (copyright issues on the games) . And trying to do a search on the web for Dream Machine led me to a adult toy manufacturer! But, I would like to put a challenge out there if ANYONE has random pics of this amazing place a good majority of us grew up in, please send them to me and I will post them. Heck, I would hope the guys over at 3dArcade would create a Dream Machine arcade environment for their frontend to Mame (if you haven’t used it its amazing- full 3d 1st person arcades to walk through!) They did the “Station Break” arcade recreation in NYC- its awesome! I will find pics to put up- That’s what the Arcade Archives is all about!
      Keep playin’ like its 1981!


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