METROCON 2015: “Bento Box” Podcast presented by The 52 NOW!

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Zowie Kerpowey welcomes all the attendees of METROCON 2015 in Tampa, FL. In honor of the largest anime convention in Florida, The 52 NOW!’s Dave Pascoe (@podcastpascoe) is your host for interviews with local cosplayers Cheryl Isenberg (Pink Justice Cosplay) and Carol Schomberg (Kikiama Cosplay), Nathan Carter (Victor Voyuer Photography), voice actor Scott Lambright Smith, and Skylar Johnson from Retro Amusement Museum who are attending this years convention. Hear them talk about their talents, passion, and experiences they bring to this amazing geek community. Give are presentation a listen, support your local artists, and enjoy METROCON 2015.Hope We See You There!

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Be sure to check out more on each of these artists on Zowie Kerpowey and with the links provided:

Pink Justice Cosplay

Kikiama CosplayVictor Voyeur PhotographyScott Lambright Smith- Voice Actor

Retro Amusement Museum

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