Two tone d10 earrings By Pyre’s RPGear


This earrings are geektastic! I love them so much words don’t even begin to describe my love of these earrings from  Pyre’s RPGear.


Not only do they look cute but they aren’t heavy. I was a little concerned about the weight of these since they are gaming dice. They are also really fun. To some people they are just two toned dice but to others they are so much more. Pyre’s offers a wide verity of colors as well so maybe you don’t love the purple and green ones as much as I do no problem there are solid color options and two toned.


The price isn’t bad at all either you can get a pair of earrings for $15. Maybe earrings aren’t really your thing or you have gages so ones like this wont work for you, that’s ok because you can get necklaces, charms, or cuff links. There is also an option for custom orders. I think with the holidays coming up these would make a great gift for the geek girl in your life!

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