Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Demo Impressions

Article by Joshua Jordan

To set the stage I am a big fan of the original Hyrule Warriors game when it released on the WiiU back in 2014. I had never played a Dynasty Warriors game prior to playing Hyrule Warriors but I was a fan of all things The Legend of Zelda so I knew that this was going to be a game I needed to play. The game impressed me so much I spent countless hours fighting hoards of classic Zelda villains and trying to unlock every weapon and character. Not to mention that I also bought the 3DS version that released two years later and the Definitive Edition released on the Switch in 2018. From the get-go, I could tell that there was a lot of love of Zelda history put into the game. Yet I feel the one downside of the game was its story. Which wasn’t bad but I feel it could have been better. Yes, I know that the story wasn’t the focus of the game it was just a springboard for the fact that all these Zelda characters were in the same place. Yet Zelda games for the most part have always had a compelling story and with that expectation, Hyrule Warriors missed the mark for me. That minor flaw has seemed to be dealt with in the new game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity which was announced several months ago. In the announcement trailer we go a brief look at the story of Age of Calamity and found out it was is a prequel to the events in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Then out of nowhere just recently, Nintendo dropped a Direct Mini online with a closer look at the Age of Calamity and the announcement of the release of a demo. After hearing of the demo’s release earlier in the day of the writing of this article I had to try it out and I thought I would share my thoughts on it.  Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition | Nintendo Switch | Games | Nintendo 

My Impressions of the Demo

Warning: Gameplay spoilers ahead! However, there will not be any story spoilers

The demo throws you right into the action after a pretty lengthy cut scene setting up the premise of the game. If you played Hyrule Warriors previous to Age of Calamity you will have no problem with the control scheme as it is identical to the original but there are a lot of new additions. In the first game, it was definitely a pretty mindless button masher. You have combos and defensive moves that you could perform but they weren’t really all that important to progress. In the demo, it gave me a variety of button commands that I could implement to do a wide variation of attacks from using my default weapon to using the Sheikah Slate and even being able to pick up weapons dropped by enemies similar to Breath of the Wild. This gives the gameplay more diversity and different ways you can address a situation. The best part is that I didn’t feel overwhelmed but encouraged to experiment with my different attacks.

One of the biggest ways this game will be much different than its predecessor is the art style, cut scenes, and environments look exactly like they do in Breath of the Wild. So much so that at times while playing the demo I almost forgot I was playing a different game. This was heavily talked about and shown in the original announcement trailer but it’s different once you actually play the game. I love this because even though the gameplay is different it feels like one cohesive narrative, which is much appreciated. 

If you played Breath of the Wild but haven’t played Hyrule Warriors I wouldn’t worry too much as the game’s story acts as a prequel to the events in Breath of the Wild and the gameplay is very simplistic.  I am not sure about just going into the Age of Calamity without playing Breath of the Wild though as I feel you defiantly get more appreciation for the Age of Calamity’s story if you already know the just of the story from Breath of the Wild. I would only hazard a guess that it could be possible to play the game and enjoy it but more enjoyment would come from actually playing Breath of the Wild. 

The demo is much longer than I expected as I clocked in almost 2 hours before the demo ended. I feel if you want to get a good feel for what you’re in store for come November then I highly suggest downloading the demo which is now on the Nintendo E-Shop as of today. On top of that if you play the demo the save file you create will carry over to the full game once it releases. If your a fan of Zelda games and especially Breath of the Wild you will not be disappointed by this demo.


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Songs of Time – Video Game Boom Box


videogameboomboxOne of the down sides to doing an entire month dedicated to Pokémon was that we didn’t get to talk about other important events that happened that month. One of those events was another important anniversary that we didn’t get to talk about which was the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. Just like Pokémon, Zelda is very influential video game series always pushing the limits of any video game system it’s on. Through these games players for the last 30 years have had an amazing journey through Hyrule and parts beyond. One of the hallmarks of The Legend of Zelda, like any influential video game series, is the music. The Legend of Zelda has a history of impressive musical scores; from the original NES game to the newer games. However, no Zelda game is a better example of a great musical score than The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

It is so influential that one of my favorite YouTube music creators NateWantsToBattle made an entire album dedicated to this monumental video game. The album Songs of Time, in my opinion is what a rock opera based on the game would sound like. While this album doesn’t hit all the story points of Ocarina it does hit some of the more important points. The album starts out with the first song Same Old Forest going through Link’s thoughts at the beginning of the game. Next we are treated to two guest singers Amanda Lee and Adriana Figueroa singing as both Saria and Princess Zelda respectively. After the next two songs Hero of Our Time and Time to Go, we get five songs each representing of the five temples that you go to after waking up seven years older. Each song is from the bosses’ perspective and is different genre of music depending on the boss themselves.  The finale of this album all ramps up with the last song The Evil King which is mainly just Ganondorf talking to Link near the end of the game.

NateWantsToBattle is one of the best music creators on the internet. He has a knack for making awesome music; whether its music from games like The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, and even Five Nights at Freddie’s to anime with English versions of themes like Sword Art Online and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. He is defiantly a total professional and loves what he does either through singing or playing instruments. Check out NateWantsToBattle’s music on his YouTube Channel and check out these samples of this album below.


Video Game Boom Box Halloween Edition: The Legend of Zelda (NES) Dungeon Theme


Video Game Boom Box Halloween

Dungeon Theme – The Legend of Zelda  

I tried long and hard to think of music from The Legend of Zelda series that would fit perfectly and there were a lot of good candidates but the one I picked is, in my opinion, the most haunting and suspenseful song in the Zelda series. This music comes from the original Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo entertainment system (or NES for those of you 90’s kids). I feel that this theme shows that you don’t have to have an orchestra to make music scary. Every time I was in one of those dungeons this music would defiantly add to my frustrations as well as the sound of my life bar being low. I also added the orchestral version for fun!

Geek Fuel March Unboxing

ravengeek copy


This months box was great! Although I do tend to believe that Geek Fuel is one of the best monthly box subscriptions out there. There Geeky Goodness is always top of the line and if I had to cut back to one a month this is the one I would keep.


I love when there are mini posters and art work in the boxes! This one is a lot of fun! I love that it’s a little bit of Star Wars art for my wall. I have tons of stuff like this through out my house. I feel sorry for any guy who thinks I will grow out of this!


Next up is Dragon Glass. For those of you that are fans of Game of Thrones you  know this comes in handy if you have to deal with White Walkers! This is the only thing that can kill them. The booklet has a whole thing about killing White Walkers as well so this is a cool little item.


I found a Spock “Live, Long, Prosperous” pin in the box! This is now a part of my camera case.


These are Warmachine stickers and there is a code on the back for online play. I know I have said this before but I like the virtual items as much as the ones I can hold in my hands. This gives me a new game to try out.


There is also a Game of Thrones comic. I’m not sure but I think this one is an exclusive cover. I am starting to get a nice collection of these with my other comics. Well the ones my son doesn’t steal.


This is a Gears of War energy drink! Personally I feel this might be a heart attack in a can but it is a cool can. I didn’t try this because my body isn’t a fan of energy drinks so I gave it to my son. He couldn’t resist drinking this energy drink. He said it was really good. He was disappointed that he can’t get anymore of these. But he at least got to rub it in his friends face he had one and they didn’t. So that made him happy.


This was the shirt hidden at the bottom of the box! It was an awesome Iron Throne mash ups. I think the Zelda one maybe my favorite but the rest are pretty awesome as well. I’m starting to accumulate a large tee shirt collection which I love!!

I hope you all enjoyed this months box as much as I did I look forward to next months box of goodies!! It’s like Christmas when it comes in!

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Ultimate Limited Edition Bundle Review


Can I just say this bundle has so much awesomeness in it!! Sadly our readers might not be able to attain this bundle for a reasonable price. I pre-ordered this several weeks ago from GameStop. I didn’t really expect to have it yet because it said I would get it in December 2015, so imagine my surprise to come home to this.


Now this is he main event of the bundle because after all you all want the game right? I can’t wait to start playing this. Zelda is one of all time favorite video games going back to the original Legend of Zelda game. Just for the record I also think it’s really sad that some people don’t realize that Zelda is the princess not the character you play who is Link!! This game is so exciting for me because I’m a huge fan of the Skull Kids and the Majora’s Mask.


This bundle didn’t just come with the game there is a lot more awesomeness to come, like this Skull Kid statue!! I’m not even going to lie this was a big influence in buying this bundle. My collectible shelves were begging for this addition!


Behold him in all his fantastic glory!! Keep in mind the flash washed him out a little but he is amazing. So cute and so majestic.


This photo shows the coloring of the Skull Kid much better. The detailing on him is wonderful. He looks like he stepped right out of the video game.


This statue is light weight and about 6 inches tall. So it isn’t a large looming piece but defiantly worth having in your collection if you can acquire one.


Oh but wait there is more in this bundle!! You also have the official stagy guide. For the most part I don’t use stagy guides because I love to figure out the game myself and enjoy the surprises. However I love this book the entire book is just beautiful. I love just having it on display. There is also a digital copy that came with this as well.


The final item in the bundle is vinyl clings that are reusable. This clings are awesome. I think these would be awesome to use with the book. There is a fairly large sheet of them.


This is the other side of the sheet. I love the big Skull Kid cling! This is so much awesomeness in one box!! Like I said if you are lucky your still might be able to find this bundle online or maybe in a store. I bought mine for $85. I think it was well worth the money with everything included! Plus it brings me a ton of happiness and your can’t put a price on that!!

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