X-Men 20th Anniversary

20 Years ago…a movie was released in theaters that would help kickstart a set of movies that would ultimately set the stage for Marvel Studios to arrive years later.

So for all X-Men fans out there, what memories of this film were your favorites?

Stan Lee Tribute


To say that Stanley Martin Lieber – a.k.a. Stan “The Man” Lee was a legend would be an understatement.  The man’s impact on the world of not just comic books, or pop culture, but the world itself is not something one can begin to measure.  And the impact the man’s work had on my own life – namely his co-creation Spider-Man – there’s just no words.

And of course, my personal favorite scene from my top favorite animated series.

RIP Stan Lee, and thank you for not just allowing us to escape, but for reinventing what a superhero is and should be, and for teaching us all real life lessons through your co-creations, from responsibility to self-acceptance and self-forgiveness and never give up on doing the right thing.


X-Men Days of Future Past Review


In a word X-MEN Days of Future Past was FANTASTIC!!!! I know it’s a Marvel movie so anything less would be a box office disaster.  The movie takes place in two different time periods; however this isn’t something that makes the movie confusing. The only person that travels back in time is Logan AKA Wolverine.


The future is a terrible place to be. Peter Dinklage’s character  Bolivar Task created giant robots called Centennials that were going to be designed to eliminate mutants. He felt that mutants would be the death of us all; however once the Centennials ran out of mutants or almost all mutants they started targeting everyone else who’s DNA carried the mutant gene.


Wolverine is the only one that is able to travel back in order to bring Professor X and Magneto back together in order to prevent the event that causes the United States to approve funding for the Centennials. There is truly so much that happens in this movie that one wrong phrase was spoil the whole movie for you!

But, there are a few more things that I want to say and I want you to have fair warning this might be some spoilers!

 I don’t want to be the person to do that to you- so I’m gonna say it-


You have been warned!!


One of the main things that made this movie so amazing was not only did we have some of the tried and true favorite X-Men from the movies but there was also some additions! Quicksilver being one of my favorites! He is amazingly adorable! Even Peters did an amazing job bring him to life! I’m always a big worried when they introduce new characters that they aren’t going to get portrayed the way they should be but he knocked it out of the park bring Magnetos son to life!


Some of the other additions to the X-Men this time around were Bishop, Blink, Sunspot, Warpath, and Polaris. I know some of you are thinking Polaris where was she? She was just a little girl sitting on Quicksilvers lap; sadly there wasn’t any Scarlet Witch but who knows maybe she will show up in future movies.


As always Hugh Jackman does what he does best he is a hard ass that loves his friends that have become his family! He will also do what is needed to save his family! You will also see a side of Professor X and Magneto that you may not expect. There is also an internal struggle between Raven/Mystique. They all have some hard choices to make and the choices they make can change the future if they make the right ones!

Also because it’s a Marvel movie make sure you stay through the credits for the bonus clip! I know at that point you will be so excited over some cameos you saw at the end of the movie but try to keep your butts planted in your seat!