Video Game Boom Box: Super Mario Bros. 35: Mario Medley

To start off this month’s Video Game Boom Box – as well as to celebrate not just National Video Games Day but the 35th Anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros., here’s a medley that Nintendo came up with to help celebrate.

But that’s not all-stay tuned Arcaders, for more tracks are coming!

Video Game Boom Box: SMB3 – Water Land

When it comes to Spring Break, there’s nothing like good music to listen to while you are at the beach, the lake, or just having a barbeque. With video games, there have been tunes that evoke that feeling of being in the water, but there aren’t that many that evoke the feeling of spring/summer. With the Water Land Theme from Super Mario Brothers 3, you definitely got that vibe in spades. More often than not the player would often find themselves listening to the tune while going through the action scenes.


SM Sunshine

Pac-Man Fever Eat-em Up 2016 – Video Game Boom Box

Pacman Video Game BoomBox logo

Fans making songs about their favorite games on YouTube is common place now. However, back 30 years ago that was almost unheard of. That is until an album came out called Pac-Man Fever by Buckner and Garcia. These guys created a wonderful soundtrack dedicated to the arcades that were super popular at the time. But not because they wanted a pay check (although I am sure it helped) but because they were fans themselves of the games that they sang about. Even going so far as to fill the lyrics with tips on how to play the game. Just recently Jerry Garcia along with Jace Hall released a new remixed version of their classic song. if you haven’t heard it yet it is awesome and I will put the video at the bottom of the post. If you like it you can even get a free download of the song (click here).

Video Game Boom Box – Bucky O’Hare


In an era where video game tie-ins are more ubiquitous than ever – especially ones from cartoons, one can’t say the same about the quality of them. More often than not the quality of modern-day tie-ins ranges from okay to just outright garbage. However, during the NES days it was a whole different story. Although the tie-ins weren’t as numerous as they are now, the quality stood out in the best of ways, and players instantly gravitated to them. While Ducktales stands out as perhaps one of the best, there were others that stepped up to the plate, and Bucky O’Hare was no exception to the rule.


Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions 2015 with Übernerd527 and The Reasons I’m Broke Podcast


Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions comes to Orlando, FL at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Arts. So Übernerd527 along with Daniel and Kelly from The Reasons I’m Broke Podcast go on a Pokémon journey to see what it’s all about!

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Also thanks to Nathanael Platier for the permission to use his music Pokémon – Iwata Tribute
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Video Game Boom Box Indie Game Music – Freedom Planet: Dragon Valley


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Freedom Planet: Dragon Valley  

So I guess first levels are what impress me the most because this time we talk about another beginning level. I don’t know what it is about me and first levels, but I always seem to enjoy the first levels music more than later levels. This one comes from a new favorite of mine called Freedom Planet. After I played this first level, I knew that I was going to love this game as it mixes parts of my favorite side scrollers (mostly Sonic the Hedgehog). The music for Dragon Valley is very upbeat and exciting and very similar to what I felt while playing the first level of Shantae. This is another one of those first level themes that you find yourself humming while you’re bored at work.

Video Game Boom Box Indie Game Music – Mighty Switch Force 2: Credits (Rescue Girl)


Video Game BoomBox Indie Music logo

Mighty Switch Force 2: Credits (Rescue Girl)  

Mighty Switch Force is a gem of a video game that I picked up this summer and totally loved every moment of it. So much so that after I beat the first game, I went out and got the second. The second game, just like the first, has an amazing soundtrack that I highly recommend but what really impressed me was the song at the end credits. The song is called Rescue Girl and basically they added lyrics to the theme for Mighty Switch Force 2. The song is like a throwback to the seventies (specifically disco) with a little bit of modern elements intertwined. The lyrics are really interesting if you ever get a chance to read them and definitely add to the theme of the song. All in all, this is the first video game end credit theme that I can actually say that I have memorized the lyrics to.