Happy Back To The Future Day!!!

Well, Arcaders- The future is here. And yes, we still need roads. But, at least fax machines didn’t stick around.


I was working part time in a theater in the mall where my other job was (you know, the arcade..) when the first movie came out. I had the opportunity to see it the night before it opened- and it was amazing! The story, characters, THE CAR! 1985 was in my opinion, the best year in movies before or since. The Breakfast Club, Starman, The Goonies, My Science Project, Real Genius, Clue, and of course, Back To The Future, kept me in the theater all that year. But, Back To The Future was my jam back then. I had to have everything Back To The Future that came out (sadly, there wasn’t much in 1985…) But in 1990, I got a Universal Studios Florida annual pass because of the ride!


But now with Lego Dimensions-  I finally get to be… MARTY MCFLY!!!!!


I’m gonna go pick it up and celebrate this special day by going Back To The Future myself… and maybe I’ll bring you guys along for the ride!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981

Your Friend In Time-


Electric Circus Episode #7- Nintendo and Universal Joining Forces To Make A Nintendoland In Orlando!!!!!

Electric Circus New Logo copy

…And  This is where the world changed forever… AND GOT EVEN MORE AWESOME!!!!

U*berNerd and I go over every theory, and anything else we can imagine.

If you listen to only one Electric Circus this year, THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU!!!!!

What do you think of this historic news? What rides do you want to see? What do you think it will look like? Are you as excited as we are? TALK TO US! Comment above by clicking on the word balloon at the right side top of the article, Email us at arcadearchives@gmail.com Or our Arcade Archives Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Arcade1981


And to follow the progress of this amazing collaboration, click the link below!



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Electric Circus Breaking News


Today Universal Orlando Resort announced a partnership with Nintendo to create unique attractions based on Nintendo properties. We will be talking about this on the next Electric Circus Podcast but we want your input. What do you think about this announcement? email us at arcadearchives@gmail.com, or go to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Arcade1981 ,or reply below in the comments section. Who knows we might just read it on the air! Oh, if you’d like to check out the article for yourself click the link below!