Episode 4 : Mighty Switch Force- Beyond the Start Button Podcast

Ready to go beyond? Then welcome to the Beyond the Start Button Podcast Each month Danny the Ultra-Sonic Player and Ubernerd527 take a look at Nerd Life through what they are passionate about from TV, Movies, and Comics,  to Anime and Manga, and of course video games. This month @ultrasonic9 and @ubernerd527 talk about Toonami’s 20th anniversary, The Power Rangers Movie, Beauty and the Beast, Logan, and we review Nintendo’s new console The Nintendo Switch. This includes our reviews of three launch titles Bomberman R, 1,2,3 Switch, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. So strap in and get ready to go “BEYOND THE START BUTTON”!

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Music used for the title was created by: Ross Bugden https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ

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Cartoon Connoisseur Theater – 私たちのお気に入りの漫画パート1


CCTP Anime

最後に、ここであなたを待っているポッドキャストです!待たどうもありがとうございますと…なぜあなたは変な顔することを作っていますか?私はあなたが私を理解していないことができると思い、残念私は英語に切り替えてみましょう…Is that better? You can understand me now, right? Good, anyways the podcast you’ve been waiting for is finally here! That’s right we talk about nothing but Anime in this podcast, our favorites to be precise. Don’t forget that this is only part one of all the wonderful Anime stuff we will be talking about.

We also want to take a minute and remind you especially if you’re into Anime that MetroCon will be coming soon to the Tampa Bay area and we’re going to be there! So if you want to learn more about it or buy your tickets head on over to www.metroconventions.com/  

Also in case you missed the last post here again are the free Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Anime wallpapers!

anime wallpaper anime

Cartoon Connoisseur Anime Podcast Update


We are very excited for our next episode of Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast which is going to be all about Anime! You still have some time before we record so if you want a shout out on the podcast, just tell us your favorite anime show. You can send us your answer to any of the links below. While you’re waiting we thought we would share with you some unbreakable rules about Anime that’s in no particular order as well as a Desktop wallpaper you can download for free!

anime rule #13 anime rule #1 anime rule #11b anime rule #14 anime rule #2 anime rule #3 anime rule #5 anime rule #7 anime rule #8 anime rule #64 anime wallpaper

Update 5/30: Here is a new wallpaper with some of Anime’s super awesome, and most kick butt female characters!


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Cartoon Connoisseur Theater – Building Better Blocks

cctp block logo

This episode we talk about cartoon scheduled blocks like Saturday Morning Cartoons, Toonami, DC Nation and others! If you’d like to join in the conversation email us at arcadearchives@gmail.com, tweet at us @talesftgamegrid, or if you’re listening on the site then reply below. Remember please leave us an iTunes review if you like the show. To  subscribe to the podcast click this link.

Block Thoughts

CCT main logo

Our next episode of Cartoon Connoisseur Theater will be talking about Iconic Cartoon Block Schedules (example Saturday Morning Cartoons). We want you to tell us what your favorite Cartoon Block Schedule was or is (This can also include local specific ones). So send us your answer at arcadearchives@gmail.com, on Twitter @talesftgamegrid and use #cartoonblock, on Facebook at facebook.com/talesfromthegamegrid, or reply to this very post!