Episode 12: Settle it in Smash – Beyond the Start Button Podcast Season 2

Ready to go beyond? Then welcome to the Beyond the Start Button Podcast Each month Danny the Ultra-Sonic Player and Joshua the Ubernerd take a look at Nerd Life through what they are passionate about from TV, Movies, Comics,  to Anime and Manga, and of course video games. This month @ultrasonic9 and @ubernerd527 Review the newest Nintendo Direct, and talk games like Crash Bandicoot, Hyrule Warriors, Splatoon 2 DLC, and SUPER SMASH BROS.  So strap in and get ready to go “BEYOND THE START BUTTON” season 2!

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Mind Blowing Smash Bros. News


So the Nintendo Direct just ended and yeah, Cloud (from Final Fantasy 7) has been announced for Smash Bros. I give you a second to recover from your mind being blown.  Then we found out that there will be a special Smash Bros. Broadcast in December. What other mind blowing things does Nintendo have in store for Smash? (Shantae for Smash please!)  



Super Mario Maker Comes to Smash Bros.


Yesterday Nintendo Announced that they would be adding a Super Mario Maker level to Super Smash Bros. for the WiiU it will be available on Sept 30th. Check it out!

Electric Circus Episode #7- Nintendo and Universal Joining Forces To Make A Nintendoland In Orlando!!!!!

Electric Circus New Logo copy

…And  This is where the world changed forever… AND GOT EVEN MORE AWESOME!!!!

U*berNerd and I go over every theory, and anything else we can imagine.

If you listen to only one Electric Circus this year, THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU!!!!!

What do you think of this historic news? What rides do you want to see? What do you think it will look like? Are you as excited as we are? TALK TO US! Comment above by clicking on the word balloon at the right side top of the article, Email us at arcadearchives@gmail.com Or our Arcade Archives Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Arcade1981


And to follow the progress of this amazing collaboration, click the link below!



#pokemonsnaptheride  #savestanleybugman

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Save Stanley Campaign – Put Em’ in Super Smash Bros!!!!


Hey Arcaders!

You know my obsession with all things Donkey Kong 3 runs deep…32 years deep. I’ve done several posts devoted to this game, and how I feel about it’s amazing yet overlooked gameplay. More importantly, the main hero of the game, Stanley Bugman. He’s the top of a very short list of amazing Nintendo characters that have been placed on the wayside after their debut game. Heck, I use one of those characters as my icon (albeit, slightly altered.)


We’ll get back to this guy soon (he is a fighter, after all!) But this is about Stanley. He is the protagonist in Donkey Kong 3 , as you all know. He’s botanist with a pretty special sprayer (or BLASTER as I call it.)  He can even get a Super Blaster  if he gets old DK up high enough! He shoots all the bugs that attack him and his plants, as well as that mean Donkey Kong. He jumps pretty high as well (I’d say between Mario and Luigi.) For those of you that haven’t played this great game before- check it out!

Rumor has it, he’s the COUSIN of Mario and Luigi! To prove it, here’s a picture from last years annual picnic!

family pic

The resemblance is uncanny! 

Which brings me to todays post. It seems the good folks at Nintendo want our input- about what characters to put into Super Smash Bros. We touched base on it in our last episode of The Electric Circus. And for that reason, I’m starting a SAVE STANLEY campaign! It would be AMAZING to see Stanley in Super Smash Bros as a fighter! With his trusty BUG BLASTER and control of all those bugs from DK3 at his disposal (just like they did with the dog and the ducks from Duck Hunt!)  And Arcaders- just so that we are clear- it’s for this version of Smash Bros. Not a future release! and thats where YOU come in! Go over to https://cp.nintendo.co.jp/us/ and you can cast your vote for Stanley! And you have to 10/3/2015 to get em’ in! And if we get enough votes, and get him in the game, I’ll be putting a special shirt design on the T-shirt page to purchase (coming soon!) that will show the world you voted for your favorite Bug Blasting 8-Bit Hero! So, click on the banner and let you voice be heard!


Thanks for your vote, and-



SmashTalk (Presented by The Gamesters) Episode One

Here it is our first SmahTalk! For this episode we will have a Gamesters Battle Royal between our Miis in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. Which Gamester is the best? Watch the Episode to Find out! If you like this video please comment!

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