Dangle Wire Wrapped Dice Earrings by Something Teal Review


These earrings are so very cute! Something Teal did a great job with designing these earrings. I love their signature teal coloring with the iridescent dice. I think the teal beads are just what these earrings need to make them pop.


I really don’t feel like the photos do these earrings justice at all. They are very pretty. They are also the perfect geek girl accessory. The earrings are light weight so you don’t need to worry about any of the issues that come with heavy earrings. The earrings are also very well made. There isn’t any extra pieces of wire for you to worry about poking you. I also love the silver with them. I know a lot of people are huge fans of gold but I’m allergic to it so I am always glad to find silver toned jewelry.


I wanted you to see how they are packaged they are very safe in that packaging so you don’t have to worry that your item might get ruined in the mail. Something Teal also offers custom orders so if you want something a little different that isn’t a problem. Sapphira also does steam punk items and hair pieces. Her hair pieces are great as well. They are something to add that special spark to your cosplay!!

Clocks and Kanji Square Bottomed Dice Bag by Marsbarn Review


I love these dice bags! Not only are they so cute but they also stand up on their own which makes them awesome. Marsbarn‘s got the best dice bags around the best part is they are reversible.


I love both of the patterns to this bag but there are tons to chose from. The bag is also very well made. It has nice tight stitching so you don’t have to worry about seems breaking. It also looks great no matter what side you have it on. So there isn’t an issue of one side looking better then the other, it reverses seamlessly.


The bags looks great when it’s closed as well! The ends of the pull string are also dipped in epoxy so you don’t have to worry about the ends fraying. They are some of the best dice bags I have seen in a while. I also think that although it’s not there purpose but there are many awesome greektastic patterns such as Doctor Who, Marvel, and Star Wars just to name a few but I feel like these could also be used as awesome hand bags as well.


I do think that the clock is my favorite side since to me it has a steampunk feel about it. I can’t wait to show this off at my next game!!! With the holidays coming this is also an awesome gift for yourself or someone else.

Star Wars Arm Warmers By Steampunk Wolf Review


Looking for the perfect addition to your outfit? I have just the thing for you! Arm Warmers by Steampunk Wolf. As you can see I’m wearing a pair of Star Wars arm warmers with a Yoda and Storm trooper pattern. They are beautiful hand crafted creations. These are the perfect thing to wear to a Con or to Star Wars weekends!


The material these arm warmers are made of is a soft fabric. So they feel really nice on your arms. The pattern is done with bright green, tan, black, and white. They are expertly crafted and you can tell they aren’t something that is mass produced with care. Steampunk Wolf makes high quality arm warms that are fun to wear and look great.


They are also very crowd pleasing. I took them out of the package and my kids went crazy. I don’t know how I was lucky enough to still have them in my possession. These are defiantly a great gift for someone of any age in a wide verity of fandoms. You won’t be disappointed with these arm warmers. I bought some in Hot Topic that started coming apart after wearing them a couple times. I’ve worn these several times; I haven’t gotten so much as a fabric pull!


I know you all want to add some of these fantastic arm warmers to your wardrobe; keep in mind however that because they are all hand crafted the fabric styles are constantly changing. If you see it love it buy it before someone else beats you to it. Then your forever disappointed they couldn’t be yours.


Steampunk Wolf’s arm warmers pricing is great as well they run from $15 to $28 for a pair. Depending on what style you want. Now maybe arm warmers aren’t really your thing your more of a gauntlet or cuff person. Never fear; Steampunk Wolf has you covered there as well. These are just a small sample of what this amazing shop has to offer check it out and buy yourself something nice!