The Electric Circus Episode #10- The Magical Mystery Podcast!

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Hey Arcaders!

Here it is- finally!


We’re in the double digits now!

And to celebrate, I thought we would post this podcast as a special “MYSTERY PODCAST!” There are clues on the page…

All I can say is- Get a bowl of your favorite cereal, and don’t sit so close to the pod-casting device- you don’t know what that does to your ears!

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Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

Lets Compare Donkey Kong!

Hey Arcaders!

With the Arcade Archives podcast almost here- I thought, RayGunn- why not whet the appetite a bit and and look at all the ports of Donkey Kong- everything from the arcade to the ZX Spectrum!

Thanks to wingnut4427 and The Gaming History Resource for this amazing video! And be sure to go to their YouTube channel check out more great games!

What versions did you own and/or  play on?

Let us know in the comments section, or on our Facebook page!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

The Electric Circus Episode #4- The Interactive Figure Review!

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Here it is-  Episode # 4 !  Are you a toys to life fan?  Whats that, you ask?  It’s those games with portals and the crazy characters you put on them-  allowing you to play AS THAT CHARACTER in a game! So, I thought, let’s talk about these games! So this episode is all about interactive figures and the games they live in! Enjoy!

The Electric Circus Episode #3- The Holiday Special!

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Join RayGunn and the  rest of the Arcade Archives gang celebrate the 2014 holiday season!

A Special Thanksgiving Starcade Memories!


Hey Arcaders! Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! as a special treat, I thought we would present The two part Hawaii episode Of Starcade! This was a 2 day event with 8 previous winners of Starcade competing to win a all expense paid trip for two to HAWAII!!!! Some of these guys you will remember from season one- a few we haven’t seen yet. The best part- this was world premier of a little known game… maybe you’ve heard of it-


Well, sit back with that fully loaded turkey sandwich, a tall glass of milk to wash it down, and enjoy!!!!!

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Hey Arcaders!

Lets get in our time machine and go back to 1982- for another STARCADE MEMORY!!!!

This time it’s homemaker Kathy Sherwood vs future stand up comic David Brown! And they’re playing for an EXTREMELY RARE game today- SLITHER from GDI!

A few things in this episode-

1) You get to see some great little known arcade games getting some play- Blueprint is a great example of that, and if you haven’t played it before, check it out on MAME- it’s a great game!

2) A little bit of info on our grand prize game- Slither is a little known early 80’s Centipede style game. 

Slither was released by Destron/GDI out of Chicago, Illinois, in July 1982. GDI’s only other title, the cold war slide-and-shoot Red Alert, was released a few months prior in late 1981 (which was another great game- and it’s on MAME- give it a try!) Then GDI just disappeared- It’s a shame- having two great games like this, then to just shut down? Sadly,  Slither doesn’t work on MAME, but there is a home port- on COLECOVISION! it came boxed with their Roller Controller expansion pack, and it plays great!

3) Best of all- in this episode- THEY PLAY SWIMMER!!! Don’t get me started on SWIMMER!!!!!



Got your favorite breakfast cereal ready? Yhen, let’s watch the fun!!! And Thanks again to RETROGAMECLIPS!!!



Hey Arcaders!

                       Time for another jump to the 80’s with another episode of STARCADE MEMORIES! This time its season 1 episode 8- Brian McGhie vs Jonah Coleman!!!!

Brian is from San Jose CA and he likes to play the recorder, and play video games!

Jonah likes to collect comic books and play video games!

The grand prize is what is special to me in this one- SWIMMER FROM CENTURI!

I have one in my personal collection! and who knows- it could be the one from that very show!

gallery_24488_686_237945So, sit back with you favorite snack and a cold one, lets start the show!


And thanks again for Retrogameclips for taking the time and putting these shows up!