The Electric Circus! Episode 17- PlayStation Memories!


Hey Arcaders!

with Sony announcing the PS5, we thought we would go over all of our PlayStation memories! What was your favorite PlayStation system? or your favorite game on any of Sony’s platforms?  Let us know in the comments!

Video Game Boom Box Disney Quest Tribute: Music From The Namco Museum!


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RayGunn here!

I wanted to jump on this Video Game Boom Box Tribute to Disney Quest. I’m trying to process all of this (as I will be a tech on closing day AND removing the games) So…I though Id go REALLY oldskewl on ya’ and blast some tunes in Quest’s honor from-


This would have been great music to blast in the Building!

If you have never play the Namco Museum series- WHAT”S WRONG WITH YA’?

Starting in 1995, the Playstation and several other consoles after these compilation discs (that even started the whole compilation trend!) of classic Namco games.

To quote the ever reliable Wikipedia-

There are six different volumes available for the PlayStation, including one (Namco Museum Encore) that was released only in Japan. Each volume has five to seven games; all of these were ported from the original arcade version’s source code — some of the games such as Galaga and Pac-Man allowed for an alternative screen mode to compensate for the lack of vertical monitor, whereby the scoreboard was located on the left of the screen, or rotated the image 90 degrees if the user possessed a vertical monitor or was willing to risk placing the television/monitor on its side.

The control systems of each of the games were well preserved. However, since the PlayStation’s analog controller was not available at the time, analog control forPole Position and Pole Position II is only supported in this compilation by Namco’s neGcon joypad.

Each package with the exception of Namco Museum Encore also had a “museum” mode where the player could walk through a virtual museum containing various curiosities surrounding the games including images of the mainboards, marketing material and conceptual artwork (all from the Japanese releases; none of the volumes contain any American materials). For this reason, the games themselves are based on the Japanese releases, although for the U.S. the games retain their U.S. changes (i.e., Pac-Man is still “Pac-Man”, as opposed to “Puckman”; the ghosts still have their U.S. names, etc.).

Namco Museum Volume 1

Namco Museum Vol 1 PS1.jpg

Pac-Man (1980)This was the first in the series for the PlayStation and contains:

If you haven’t played these- do so. NOW!

So I thought we would start this off with the entrance and explore music-

as if you were entering Venture Port and about to start your journey…

Close your eyes…

Have Fun!

Keep Playin’ Like it’s 1981!

“Ratchet and Clank Movie Review” Episode 14 – Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast

R and C Title

The Arcade Archives Network is proud to present The Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast. This podcast is where Cartoon Connoisseur Ubernerd and Friends come and talk about all things animated and drawn (TV, Movies, Comics, Web Shows and more). This month join Ubernerd and Danny the UltraSonic player as they review the new Ratchet and Clank movie while eating dinner. Is this a good movie based on a video game or does it have some screws loose? Find out this month!

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The Electric Circus Episode #4- The Interactive Figure Review!

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Here it is-  Episode # 4 !  Are you a toys to life fan?  Whats that, you ask?  It’s those games with portals and the crazy characters you put on them-  allowing you to play AS THAT CHARACTER in a game! So, I thought, let’s talk about these games! So this episode is all about interactive figures and the games they live in! Enjoy!

The Electric Circus Episode #3- The Holiday Special!

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Join RayGunn and the  rest of the Arcade Archives gang celebrate the 2014 holiday season!

The Electric Circus Episode #2- E3 Stuff 2014!

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Hey Arcaders!

The big surprise is here!

Here it is- podcast #2! lots to talk about this episode, so let’s get started!!!

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Underrated Video Game Characters Update

A few weeks back I did an article called “Five Underrated Video Game Characters”. The response was good and I am thinking of making a part two sometime in the near future because there are many more characters I could put on this list. One of these characters was Sly Cooper. A character that I believe has huge potential as a video game character. The lack of games for both the PS2 and PS3 lead me to believe that Sony had just blown off the character as just another failed attempt at creating a mascot.  I was delightfully surprise last week with an announcement from Sony that caught me totally unaware. On Tuesday January 28, Sony and Rainmaker studios announced that they’re were not only going to make a Ratchet and Clank movie to come out in 2015 but in 2016 they will also release a movie based on the Sly Cooper franchise.


For those that don’t know, the first game Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus came out for the PS2 in 2002. The game was created by Sucker Punch studios who would later go on to become the creators of the Infamous series on the PS3. The Sly Cooper games follow master thief Sly Cooper. Sly is a modern day Robin Hood who only steals from “bad guys.” He never steals from innocent people because there is no “fun” in it. He gets this “code” from his long line of “honorable” criminal ancestors. This comes into play in most of the game since they center on Sly trying to recover pages from a journal. This journal is a collection of thief techniques that his ancestors created.


Sly is not alone in his adventures around the world. He is also joined by his best friends Murray and Bentley. Murray is a tall pink hippo and is described as the muscle of the group. While Bentley a turtle who is in a wheelchair is the brains of the operation. Usually in the game Bentley is used as the one character that gives you your objectives for each level by coming up with complicated plans. The game would also include a third character Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox. She’s part friend, foe, and love interest in the Sly Cooper games. Her goal is to finally catch Sly as she chases him and his friends around the world. Often times however Carmelita ends up teaming with Sly to fight a more dangerous villain.

The game centers on a mix of traditional platforming and some elements of stealth. Each game has several chapters and in each chapter you have a hub world that you can explore freely. Similar to games like Super Mario 64 or Banjo Kazooie you hop, job, and navigate through each level. Like the Zelda games Sly would pick up weapons and upgrades to help him get through tougher levels. Furthermore, there mini games inside that would be parodies of classic games, for example Pacman and Defender.

There were three games on the PS2 and one game on the PS3. The first three games can also be purchased in a HD re-mastered version on the PS3. The HD version is very hard to find so if you get a chance pick it up I highly suggest them.

 I am hoping that with the announcement of these movies will it elevate these characters’ popularity. If you would like to see both the Ratchet and Clack and the Sly Cooper trailers I will have them below so you can see for yourself. Will this marketing scheme work out for Sony? I am not sure given that most video games turned into movies are not all that great. However, Disney did find a way with Wreck-it-Ralph, so who knows? We will have to wait another year or two to find out. Till then give their game a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

The Electric Circus Episode #1- Beginnings!

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Hey Arcaders! Raygunn here… and its been awhile. Just wanted to get through the holidays and give Our new SCRIBES a chance to speak! That’s right, we have new authors on the site to give their insight in the video game world and more! Stay tuned for more of that!

But, lets talk about our new podcast, THE ELECTRIC CIRCUS! First- why so long between podcasts… well I liked my first one , but I wasn’t thrilled with it. I always wanted a podcast where it was more of a round-table discussion, rant, rave, etc. Kinda hard to do that alone.So that’s why I put the podcast on the back burner for so long. Then, something amazing happened… I started at Disney Quest! I was finally aligned with a crazy group of people that were like me!  So, after months of planing, we finally recorded two weeks ago.  Now the sound is a little wonky ( tried out some USB digital mics, we have to raise the volume more.) but this is just an introduction podcast, so that’s fine. Our future podcasts will have individual articles, reviews, more round-table discussions and FUN!

So enjoy our first of many ELECTRIC CIRCUS podcasts! This is episode one- “Beginnings”

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!