Underrated Video Game Characters – Episode 16 – The Electric Circus Podcast

Hey Arcaders!

From Pac-Man to Mario, to Sonic characters are a big part of video games but for every popular character, some characters seem to go by the wayside. This week Joshua aka @ubernerd527 and Danny the Ultra-Sonic Player @ultrasonic9 talk about some of their favorite underrated characters.

What is your favorite underrated video game character? comment below and we might share it in the next episode.

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The Orignal Underrated Video Game Character article by Joshua 

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

Geek Fuel March Unboxing

ravengeek copy


This months box was great! Although I do tend to believe that Geek Fuel is one of the best monthly box subscriptions out there. There Geeky Goodness is always top of the line and if I had to cut back to one a month this is the one I would keep.


I love when there are mini posters and art work in the boxes! This one is a lot of fun! I love that it’s a little bit of Star Wars art for my wall. I have tons of stuff like this through out my house. I feel sorry for any guy who thinks I will grow out of this!


Next up is Dragon Glass. For those of you that are fans of Game of Thrones you  know this comes in handy if you have to deal with White Walkers! This is the only thing that can kill them. The booklet has a whole thing about killing White Walkers as well so this is a cool little item.


I found a Spock “Live, Long, Prosperous” pin in the box! This is now a part of my camera case.


These are Warmachine stickers and there is a code on the back for online play. I know I have said this before but I like the virtual items as much as the ones I can hold in my hands. This gives me a new game to try out.


There is also a Game of Thrones comic. I’m not sure but I think this one is an exclusive cover. I am starting to get a nice collection of these with my other comics. Well the ones my son doesn’t steal.


This is a Gears of War energy drink! Personally I feel this might be a heart attack in a can but it is a cool can. I didn’t try this because my body isn’t a fan of energy drinks so I gave it to my son. He couldn’t resist drinking this energy drink. He said it was really good. He was disappointed that he can’t get anymore of these. But he at least got to rub it in his friends face he had one and they didn’t. So that made him happy.


This was the shirt hidden at the bottom of the box! It was an awesome Iron Throne mash ups. I think the Zelda one maybe my favorite but the rest are pretty awesome as well. I’m starting to accumulate a large tee shirt collection which I love!!

I hope you all enjoyed this months box as much as I did I look forward to next months box of goodies!! It’s like Christmas when it comes in!

Electric Circus SideShow AT Games Review pt.1 Sega Genesis

The Hoildays have come and gone so now it time to review some of the toys we go this year! This is a review for AT Games Plug and Play Sega Genesis.

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Tales From The Game Grid #12


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The Gamesters Present: SmashTalk Premier Episode

Smashtalk Logo

SmashTalk is a new spin off series that will have us Gamesters (plus special guests) playing Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. While we do we will be cracking jokes, telling information about specific characters, and much more. This episode however will be a little different though. Because for our inaugural episode we thought that it would share our thoughts about the game in general and we even have our first guests Creator of The Arcade Archives himself RayGunn and Sir Luna. Before I end this introduction I would like to apologies for it being very, very late. Because of holidays, life getting in  the way, and because this video was a very ambitious undertaking, editing this video took longer than we were anticipating. But we hope that you will enjoy us anyways and please feel free to comment below.

Resident Evil Bio-hazard Inspired Acrylic Earrings By Fabrication Unlimited


Fabrication Unlimited is an awesome store on Etsy that I found. They have awesome acrylic jewelry. I also love that their products come packaged in boxes with their company name on it. It shows they really care about their product brand.


Now lets talk about these bad ass earrings shall we! I mean just look at these awesome bio hazard earrings. I love the vivid color of the red. It really makes them stand out. I also love that even though they are good size earrings they aren’t heavy! That is a problem I have with earrings all the time is the weight of them. They are also one piece of laser cut acrylic. These are a great addition to your wardrobe and a must have.


The card that the earrings arrive on have a message from the store owners thanking you for your purchase which I think is awesome! They also have a ton of awesome items available for what ever your geeky little heart desires. They also offer special orders! With the holidays quickly approaching I defiantly suggest this store as a win for that special someone in your life! I know I saw a couple items I need to order to help finish my shopping list!

Level (1.5)


Greeting Archivers. I’m back again to bring you more coverage on another level. This time, due to the fact that the level I want to cover goes hand in hand with the stage before it, it’s going to be a two part highlight.

First off we have the Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic 3 & Knuckles for the Sega Genesis, my favorite Sonic game of all time. It’s the shortest stage with the sole purpose of plot progression. Though it’s the eleventh zone, players can visit the stage beforehand with the use of the Super rings scattered throughout the second-half of the game, to collect the Super Emeralds.

And a little something to play while you read along. The music in Sonic games really sets the tone for the stages and this is no different.

There isn’t much to the stage aside from a few spike traps and hidden springs to give access to some rings. In one area, there is a teleporter on a pedestal where if it gets stepped on, it will teleport your character onto a different locations. It is there where either Sonic and/or Tails will be in fisticuffs with Knuckles. What’s important to note, is the mural in the background as it foreshadows Sonic’s final battle.

The battle against Knux gets interrupted, as Dr Eggman proceeds to make way and steal the Master Emerald from it’s altar.

Knuckles, having been misled by the mad scientist into thinking that Sonic was the enemy, comes to his senses and attempts to stop Eggman, only to be electrocuted rigorously. The floor crumbles and the heroes fall to the bottom of the cavern. Once Knuckles wakes up, he leads Sonic and Tails into the same teleporter that was used before and make their way onto the Sky Sanctuary Zone…

Note: There are no text dialogue boxes (a la Final Fantasy) to convey story, however the story can still be interpreted with the  the help of cutscenes and the player’s imagination. As a kid at the time, I was amazed by the presentation of the game. It still does to this day.
Look forward to Sky Sanctuary zone coverage soon!