Skylanders Superchargers – Übernerd’s Unboxing and First Playing


Join Ubernerd527 as he takes a look at the Skylanders Superchargers Dark Edition for the WiiU and plays through the first few levels!

Music used:
Kaos’ theme
Skylanders Superchargers’ Theme
From the Skylanders soundtrack

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Breaking News!!



Breaking news from The Arcade Archives Network! Two things that you Arcaders can’t miss out on!



Ubernerd and the rest of the will be at the Tampa Bay Comic Con this weekend. Sunday we’ll be having a pannel at 3 pm in Room 18. So come out to support us this weekend!


Ubernerd was just recently interviewed on the Skycast’s 25th episode so check out here!

Interactive Figure Podcast – Special Episode Featuring Matt from The SkyCast



This episode is a special episode as Ubernerd interviews Matt from the SkyCast! Check out his site with his podcast, videos, and other things at

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E3-Nintendo-What do you think?


Hey Arcaders!

So, what did you think of all the releases for the Big N this year?  good?  bad? What will you be getting?

I know Skylanders Turbochargers is in my future- And being able to play as Donkey Kong in the game- Priceless!

But,let’s see what you think- click on the game and/or Amiibo youre really excited for!

Nintenews Update from E3



Here is a quick rundown of everything we heard from Nintendo’s E3 presentation:


Super Mario Maker is coming September 11th


Bowser and Donkey Kong will be the first hybrid Skylander Amiibos


Star Fox Zero is coming this holiday season


Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer is coming September 25th

Animal Crossing

Metroid Prime Federation Force coming next year

Metroid Prime Federation Force

Yoshi’s Woolly World is coming October 16th

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash  will be coming this holiday season!

Mario Tenis

Hyrule Warriors is coming to the 3DS now dubbed Hyrule Warriors Legends it also includes new playable characters from The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker: Tetra and King of Red Lions!


If you missed it this morning here is the video below check it out for yourself!

Tales From The Game Grid #18


Tales 18

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Interactive Figure Podcast- Episode# 2!


Here we are at Episode 2! With E3 looming next week, and HUGE news already released about all figures and games in the last few weeks, we have a lot to talk about! And… we have some guests in the studio! lets get started!

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Interactive Figure Podcast- Episode# 1!



Welcome to a show that I’ve wanted to do for a long time- Interactive figures and the games they roam in are everywhere- and there’s a show for each one. But I wanted to raise the bar- cover all figures and games! Figure reviews- character stats, fighting style, special abilities, as well as the figures themselves- release dates, design, appearance, and even the special editions of each one! The games- the up to date news and reviews on each game.

Your going to find that and more right here as UberNerd 527,  Jab0238, Sirluna, and me, RayGunn present- THE INTERACTIVE FIGURE PODCAST! Enjoy!

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