The Electric Circus Episode #10- The Magical Mystery Podcast!

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Hey Arcaders!

Here it is- finally!


We’re in the double digits now!

And to celebrate, I thought we would post this podcast as a special “MYSTERY PODCAST!” There are clues on the page…

All I can say is- Get a bowl of your favorite cereal, and don’t sit so close to the pod-casting device- you don’t know what that does to your ears!

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Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

The 1983 CBS Saturday Morning Preview Show with Saturday Supercade!

…And if you didn’t get enough Saturday morning goodness, here’s the 1983 CBS Saturday Morning Preview Show with Saturday Supercade! This also has the introduction of Dungeons and Dragons TV show, which was awesome as well! So lets join Boss Hog, Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane, and… Scott Baio? in this Saturday morning preview from 1983!

Donkey Kong Jr. A Christmas Story!

Here’s another one gang- an episode of Donkey Kong Jr from Saturday Supercade called… A Christmas story! will DKJr and Bones stop the bad guys from stealing the toy duplicator from Santa’s  helper Mr. Anderson? You bet he will! MMMMMONKEY  MMMMUSCLE!!!!

The Arcade Archives Podcast- Episode #1- Space Ace!

arcade podcast

Hey, Arcaders!

                       Welcome to the first of what I wanted to do on the site since I started. The Arcade Archives Podcast is a fun trip down memory lane for me. As most of you know, I have been in the arcade industry since 1981. And I wanted a place to tell the story of these machines- from my perspective. And that’s where the idea for The Arcade Archives came from. So, for me, a podcast is the next logical step. So, without further adieu, here’s the first episode of the first game I ever had in my collection- Space Ace! enjoy!

..And speaking of Donkey Kong 3-

This is the infamous “Stanley Bugman” episode of Saturday Supercade!

I love Saturday Supercade, but 2 things-

  1. Stanley sounds like an OLD MAN! He’s obviously younger than Mario!
  2. Whats with the disproportionately huge head in some shots?

Let’s give Stanley some respect!  Enjoy the show!