Pokemon Sun and Moon First Impressions – Pokemon Rewind Podcast


Alola everyone! Ubernerd and Danny the Ultra-Sonic player are back to give you our first impressions of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Not only that but we also have a special announcement at the end of the podcast so stick around.

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Video Game Boom Box: Pokémon Sun/Moon Countdown Edition – Pokémon The Movie 2000: The Power of One


To conclude the countdown let’s go out on a high note with a couple of tunes from “Pokémon The Movie 2000”, a movie that seemed to be the last animated film with an overarching musical theme from start to finish, and nowhere was this emphasized with the scene where the character Melody plays the full song, and of course the end title theme performed by none other than the late great Donna Summer.

Video Game Boom Box: Pokémon Sun/Moon Countdown Edition – Pokémon Gold/Silver Final Battle Theme


To continue the next gen of Pokémon from Red/Blue/Yellow to Gold/Silver, here’s a tune that players will hear when they get to Mt. Silver and only when they confront a very familiar face hanging out there by himself.

Video Game Boom Box: Pokémon Sun/Moon Countdown Edition-Pokémon Yellow Intro Theme


And so for the third song on the countdown we have the intro for the Pokémon game that offered players a slightly different experience in exploring Kanto, but this time with Pikachu as your starter!  And not only that, but you get to follow the anime more closely!