Pokémon Rewind Episode 6 “Pikachu Revolts” – A Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Mini-Cast

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The Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast is proud to present a new segment: Pokémon Rewind! We will be going through the story arcs of the Pokémon Anime episode by episode. This time Ubernerd takes a look at the sixth episode of the Adventures in the Orange Island story arc entitled: Pikachu Revolts. This month is PokéPals Month so @ubernerd527 is joined by @ultrasonic9 to talk about the episode.

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Tales From The Game Grid #19 – Far Out with Brad and Friends


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I want to give a special shout out to Ladybug for the help with the new Far Out with Brad and Friends logo.

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Far Out will be a new series inside The Game Grid specifically featuring Brad and all his Pokemon Friends that live on a remote island.

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