Episode 5 : Tales of a Gusty Ninja- Beyond the Start Button Podcast

Ready to go beyond? Then welcome to the Beyond the Start Button Podcast Each month Danny the Ultra-Sonic Player and Ubernerd527 take a look at Nerd Life through what they are passionate about from TV, Movies, and Comics,  to Anime and Manga, and of course video games. This month @ultrasonic9 and @ubernerd527 are joined by special guest Diana-saur  as they talk about Star Wars Celebration Orlando,  Free Comic Book Day with interviews from Diane Krummel of Krum’s World Comics and Collectibles, and Peter Smith author of The Chronicles of Zelaria, a brand new indie comic, also included is Pokemon Rewind, and Our Main Menu topic Naturo.  So strap in and get ready to go “BEYOND THE START BUTTON”!

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Music used for the title was created by: Ross Bugden https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ

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Pokémon Rewind Has Evolved!

PokemonRewind Itunes Logoif you haven’t heard the news already Pokémon Rewind is has now evolved into it’s own Podcast! Starting today you can subscribe to Pokémon Rewind on iTunes at https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/pokemon-rewind-podcast-arcade/id1091082754?mt=2 . If you’d like to catch up with the podcast go to YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL26FRdpe3Cwy8SixUYq2z5dkhQIRKf1ab and hear the podcast from the very beginning in it’s own playlist! Thank you so much for listening and don’t forget to share this podcast with your PokéPals!

Cartoon Connoisseur Theater – Beware My Power Green Lantern’s Light!


This Time we’re taking a look at Green Lantern through cartoons! We also have the guys from Zowie Kerpowey’s the 52 Now joining us again!