Nintendo’s 130th Birthday

For a company that started out making simple playing cards to creating games that helped shaped the childhood of many Arcaders/Gamers, Nintendo has truly come a long way.

Happy 130th Birthday Nintendo!


Reggie Fils-Aime Tribute

It started with a man.
Or rather, one quote.

But just who is Reggie Fils-Aime?  What is his “secret origin” story?

Well, it turns out he was born in New York – specifically the Bronx and then grew up in Long Island – to a couple that had immigrated to the US from Haiti in the 1950s.  From there he had a pretty ideal childhood, attending and graduating from Cornell University.  After that he ended up having some very notable stints in different places like Proctor & Gamble, and even had worked at Pizza-Hut for a time where he played a part in the introduction of the Bigfoot Pizza.

(Anyone remember this commercial?)

In the early 2000s Reggie found his way to VH1 where he not only helped with organizing a charity concert for the victims of 9/11 but he also helped lead an initiative in helping the channel target younger audiences as well as retain their core ones as well.  This experience would unknowingly prepare him for his next big gig, and one that would change his life as well as the lives of many gamers from the Nintendo camp.


At the end of 2003 Reggie joined Nintendo as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and in E3 of the following year made perhaps the biggest splash of all with the aforementioned line.

Was it the way he said it?  No one really knows, but the interesting thing about it is that Reggie himself didn’t even come up with that line.  Instead it was someone from Nintendo’s Public-Relations dept. and it did take some convincing for Reggie to go through with it but once he did…the rest was history in more ways than one.

And in not too long of a time after that Reggie was then promoted to President/COO of Nintendo of America, a position he held until this past April.

But beyond that, Reggie was also a hard-worker who lead by example and didn’t take no for an answer.

“I push people really hard.  I push our agencies hard and I push our business partners hard.  What I think people respect that I do what I’m asking then to do – long nights, long weekends – whatever it takes to get the job done.”

-Reggie Fils-Aime

And through the Wii’s golden years, to the ups and downs of the WiiU, and then Nintendo’s resurgence with the Switch, Reggie has definitely been a guiding light on Nintendo, right alongside Shigeru Miyamoto and the late Satoru Iwata.

And while his Nintendo quest has come to a close, I can definitely say as a Nintendo fan that it has been one heck of a quest to witness, and seeing a company whose games left an indelible mark on my childhood come back into the limelight in the most genuine of ways is nothing short of amazing and incredible.

So enjoy your retirement Reggie, for after all you’ve done for Nintendo and gamers all over it is well deserved, and whatever your new quest will be, may it be a great one.

And of course,
Thank you for playing!


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Postcards from Alola – Pokémon Sun and Moon Tips #1


The Alolan region of the Pokémon Sun and Moon games is a place where all kinds of different Pokémon live and where all kinds of adventures can be had. Now that a lot of Trainers have set their sights on conquering the region I have taken it upon myself to share some of my knowledge and experience with those of you just moving to the region.

Tip #1: Have Fun!

Image result for the Alola region

It has been the same since the beginning, when Pokémon Trainers move to a new region right away they get overwhelmed by all the new sights and of course Pokémon. Being the good Trainers that they are, they start coming up with strategies for battle and which Pokémon they want to use on the competitive teams. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but sometimes Pokémon Trainers can be so focused on this that they miss out on the fun.  So my first tip is pretty basic but it’s something that should not be forgotten. When you put in that game for the first time and you start you journey in Alola (or really any Pokémon game for that matter) don’t get wrapped up in worrying yourself about IV’s, EV’s, tactics, status, and all the rest. Don’t even necessarily worry about who’s going to be on your play through team. Just have FUN with the experience, take your time, see all the sights, play through the story, and catch as many Pokémon as you can. If you see a Pokémon that you want to try out on your team then do it. Don’t worry about putting your Pokémon back in the PC box, particularly in Pokémon Sun and Moon because you have the Poké Pelago this time around. Isle Eveup is an island in the Poké Pelago where you can level up your Pokémon. So if you want to come back to that Pokémon you can and it will be waiting for you and ready to go without having to grid its levels. Pokémon games are meant for you to have fun and enjoy, especially in Alola where all the people and Pokémon are as chill as can be. So hang loose and have fun!

Image result for poke pelago

The Poke Pelago is where Pokemon in you PC box can do all kinds of fun activities while they wait for you to put them on their team

Image result for poke pelago

Isle Eveup is an island where you can level up your Pokemon and fix their EV’s

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This is Ubernerd saying Alola everyone!


Pokemon Sun and Moon First Impressions – Pokemon Rewind Podcast


Alola everyone! Ubernerd and Danny the Ultra-Sonic player are back to give you our first impressions of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Not only that but we also have a special announcement at the end of the podcast so stick around.

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Pokemon Sun & Moon Countdown: A Pokemon Rewind Podcast Special


We’re back with a special edition version of The Pokemon Rewind Podcast! This podcast Ubernerd is joined by Danny The Ultra-Sonic Player and they talk about the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

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Pokémon Rewind Episode One “Pallet Party Panic” – A Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Mini-Cast

Pokemon Rewind title

The Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast is proud to present a new segment: Pokémon Rewind! We will be going through the story arcs of the Pokémon Anime episode by episode. This time Ubernerd takes a look at the first episode of the Adventures in the Orange Island story arc entitled: Pallet Party Panic

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Video Game Boom Box: Indie Game Music – Strike the Earth! Plains of Passage – Shovel Knight


Video Game BoomBox Indie Music logo

“Music has been an important part of video games since the beginning. From classic video games like Pong and Tetris to newer games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy music can make or break a video game just as much as gameplay. So in some ways music really makes the game. Think of playing Super Mario Bros. without the theme song playing, would it not be the same? Of course it isn’t! The real question is can video game music inspire others to make music? For us here at the Arcade Archive the answer is a whole-hearted, yes! That is why we created this series of articles which will highlight some songs that are inspired by the video games we play.”

 That was the original statement of Video Game Boom Box and it still holds true today. The new Video Game Boom Box is going be a little different than previous articles. Now we will share a video of the music and give some brief thoughts on the featured song or we may just put up the video of the music just for you to enjoy. Please feel free to send comment on the bottom of each post and let us know what your thoughts are of the music. You could also request a song yourself by emailing us at  or tweet at us @arcadeanetwork

Starting with PC’s Independent video games or Indie games for short have been a part of the gaming culture since the early 90’s. Recently, Indie games have been coming up in popularity from games like Shantae and Shovel Knight to Freedom Planet and Mighty Switch Force and beyond. To salute these amazing games, November’s theme is Indie game music. We will take a look at some of our favorite tunes from this amazing genre of video games.

Shovel Knight: Strike the Earth! Plains of Passage

We start this month’s theme with a game that’s been out digitally for a while now but has just had a physical copy released this week. Shovel Knight is one of the first “indie” titles that really caught my eye mainly due to a YouTuber I watch called The Completionist. I first played this game on a YouTube show of my own called The Gamesters (link) and as I was playing this first level I was amazed how really fun and very nostalgic the game felt. Strike the Earth or Plains of Passage is played during the first level of this game. This maybe my favorite theme of the game, it’s a very catchy tune that stays with you even after you’ve finished playing the game. After all, isn’t that what good music should do anyway?

As a side note if you buy the physical copy of the game on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U or Nintendo 3DS you get a free digital copy of the soundtrack.