Video Game Boom Box – Bucky O’Hare


In an era where video game tie-ins are more ubiquitous than ever – especially ones from cartoons, one can’t say the same about the quality of them. More often than not the quality of modern-day tie-ins ranges from okay to just outright garbage. However, during the NES days it was a whole different story. Although the tie-ins weren’t as numerous as they are now, the quality stood out in the best of ways, and players instantly gravitated to them. While Ducktales stands out as perhaps one of the best, there were others that stepped up to the plate, and Bucky O’Hare was no exception to the rule.


Video Game Boom Box – Batman ’89 (NES)


Video Game Boom Box Halloween

With this game there are definitely a few tracks that not only stand out, but they genuinely take you into the dark atmosphere that is Batman’s world, and a lot of credit has to go to the two composers Naoki Kodaka and Nobuyuki Hara who crafted the music for the game.  Much like with most memorable games, you hear the themes and you know what the game is and what stage it is.

Video Game Boom Box Halloween Edition: The Legend of Zelda (NES) Dungeon Theme


Video Game Boom Box Halloween

Dungeon Theme – The Legend of Zelda  

I tried long and hard to think of music from The Legend of Zelda series that would fit perfectly and there were a lot of good candidates but the one I picked is, in my opinion, the most haunting and suspenseful song in the Zelda series. This music comes from the original Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo entertainment system (or NES for those of you 90’s kids). I feel that this theme shows that you don’t have to have an orchestra to make music scary. Every time I was in one of those dungeons this music would defiantly add to my frustrations as well as the sound of my life bar being low. I also added the orchestral version for fun!