Tales From The Game Grid #25


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Video Game Boom Box Indie Game Music – Mighty Switch Force 2: Credits (Rescue Girl)


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Mighty Switch Force 2: Credits (Rescue Girl)  

Mighty Switch Force is a gem of a video game that I picked up this summer and totally loved every moment of it. So much so that after I beat the first game, I went out and got the second. The second game, just like the first, has an amazing soundtrack that I highly recommend but what really impressed me was the song at the end credits. The song is called Rescue Girl and basically they added lyrics to the theme for Mighty Switch Force 2. The song is like a throwback to the seventies (specifically disco) with a little bit of modern elements intertwined. The lyrics are really interesting if you ever get a chance to read them and definitely add to the theme of the song. All in all, this is the first video game end credit theme that I can actually say that I have memorized the lyrics to.