Steve Wiebe KONGS AGAIN!

kongs again

Hey Arcaders!

This just in from the Twin Galaxies FaceBook page-


Steve Wiebe—whose “Donkey Kong” world record attempt was the subject of the documentary King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters—will be conducting a special exhibition and may shatter a world record at a special event at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN on Saturday, July 11th. The historic video gaming event will be broadcasted exclusively on the Twin Galaxies Live Network starting at 2 PM CT/12 PM PST.

Steve Wiebe is a two-*‐time world champion of “Donkey Kong” and was the first person to achieve over a million points in a public game. Following the release of King of Kong, he became internationally known for his perseverance and inspirational pursuit of excellence depicted in the film.

Twin Galaxies Live, the media broadcast arm of Twin Galaxies—the historic video game record and scorekeeping authority—has the distinction of being the exclusive broadcaster of the event. Representing the organization there on the day of the video gaming feat will be Jace Hall, Head Custodian of Twin Galaxies.

The event will be streamed live on, the gaming culture network and official broadcast channel for the Twin Galaxies organization.

An exclusive live broadcast of Steve Wiebe’s latest world record attempt at classic “Donkey Kong”.
Saturday, July 11th starting at 2 PM CT/12 PM PDT.

For those of you who are not “in the know”-

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters is a 2007 American documentary film. Highlighting the popular 1980s arcade game Donkey Kong, it follows Steve Wiebe in his attempts to take the world high score for the arcade game from Billy Mitchell, who the film presents as reigning champion.

(excerpt from Wikipedia)

We will keep up on this story as it develops!


…and now, the obligatory Donkey Kong kill screen.

…Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981.

Chasing Ghosts- Beyond the Arcade!

Hey, Arcaders!

                         I know we have all seen “The King Of Kong- Fistful of Quarters”  and you know how much I enjoy it. But did you know another documentary exists about the history of arcades? About the people who could really play? What happened during that amazing time in their lives- and their lives since? People call “Chasing Ghosts- Beyond the Arcade” a compliment movie to “The King Of Kong- Fistful of Quarters” but I think it’s the opposite! seeing what these guys accomplished and how their lives  changed (for better or worse) is really where you have to start. Love em’ or hate em’ ,  they help define our generation. Reading of their exploits in all the arcade gaming magazines made me want to play better as well as most of you. And to think, it was started by one man, Walter Day, and that up until this year, he continued to preserve our history and way of life is astounding. Sadly, this movie has never seen the light of day on DVD or Blue Ray. Only a few sparatic showings on Showtime and HBO has the public been able to enjoy this wonderful documentary.  And If the powers that be would listen- RELEASE THIS ALREADY!!!!!!!

Of course you can watch it on HULU-

 Hey gang, remember, this movie has some vulgar language and nudity-


3/4/12 – Hey gang- good news! Chasing Ghosts is now available for streaming on Netflix! This is big- could a DVD or Blu Ray release eminent? Maybe-  I think the hold up was the music. They had a few 80s classic songs in there- I don’t think they were able to get the rights to them. Now, they have replaced those songs with instrumentals- so lets hope that they finally get this released! At least for now, we can watch it commercial free any time we want!

A visit to The King of Kong Arcade (part 1)

Hey Gang!

Remember those Billy Mitchell trading cards I talked about a few weeks ago? (if not, just go back to my 3rd blog entry!)

Well, I had mentioned after doing some digging, they were selling these cards exclusively at the Orlando International Airport- WHY? Ill tell you why…  Billy’s opened an arcade! At the airport! And it’s not bad! No really- let me just show ya.

Here we are at OIA- They said it would be on the A side....

...Oh- Here's a sign!

At last I found it- (I wasn't really that hard) and all the front signage is awesome- it has a pull away pseudo 3d effect!

The storefront is amazing. It makes you feel like your walking into the movie- both Billy and Steve are prominently displayed.... oh the eternal confrontation- I wish we had seen that battle in the movie!

...And inside is great as well! Full sized murals of all 4 levels are displayed on the walls.

the place has NICE hardwood flooring, and FLAMING BARRELS! You heard me- FLAMING BARRELS! You know you are looking at this place and saying" I wish this was in my house!"

And the centerpiece to The KOK Arcade has to be the change counter. The curtain looks like a separate wall to walk behind- cool!

And of course, what arcade would be complete without hot sauce? you can also purchase t shirts, and the aforementioned trading cards.

All in all a great looking gameroom. While I was there (about 10 minutes),  30 people came in and played- which is good- the airport’s got a constant flow of customers just waiting with money to spend . And they had some good titles- BUT NO DONKEY KONG! not even 1 classic game in the lineup- that was disappointing. But it just opened… may be they will be bringing in DK and others in the future- I hope. Well stay tuned gang- because I will be going back and getting some answers on this little, funny, out of the way arcade soon!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!