Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Season One Quick Review

Age of Resistance season one is a marvelous blend of CGI and master puppet work but more than that it’s a great story and prequel to the original 1982 movie that fills in some information that the film never had time to address. I feel that Jim Henson would have been proud of how this show ended up.

The story starts years before the original movie. We find out that The Skeksis are tasked by Mother Aurgra to protect The Crystal of Truth while she goes on a journey through the stars. The Skeksis trick Aurgra into thinking that they will do so but they only use the crystal to prolong their life. Once the crystal stops giving them this power The Skeksis find a new way to accomplish this goal and start putting a plan into action. Meanwhile, The Gelflings are all split into different clans and serve the Skeksis as Lords of the Crystal. Once the main cast of Gelflings find out about the Skeksis secret they try to rally the clans to fight back.

Though I will admit the beginning of the season is a little slow and some what confusing with several different and seemingly unconnected story lines. However once the storylines connect the series finally gets real interesting. I also certainly can’t wait till season two as the ending of the first season left more questions unanswered as well as more connections to the original movie unexplained. Here’s hoping I won’t have to wait long.

Woodfellers Review


I know this review is a little different then the ones I normally do this one is actually on the store as a whole not just one item in the store. Woodfellers is an awesome shop filled with all kinds of wonderful pop culture wearables. As you can see from the photo above they also cross over several generations as well.


For those of you that don’t know I just love Jim Henson. I know your thinking so do a lot of people but my favorites aren’t the Muppet movies but Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal. I love this beautiful tile necklace that has Jareth and Sarah’s silhouette on it. It’s also not heavy or clunky. It’s a good size and weight that you can wear it all day with out issues. The texture of the wood is also very smooth so there isn’t any risk of splinters.


This one is a little different it doesn’t offer a silhouette but a movie saying. If your not familiar with this one it’s how Lydia refers to herself in Beetlejuice. Another movie that I just love. This one is smooth just like the other but this one is a little larger. It also has natural bark around the edge of the oval. The cording on this one is also a bit different. But it’s still a great necklace that you can wear for hours.


The key chain above as a very recent pop culture reference to it. I mean who don’t know the Walking Dead. Even if you aren’t a fan you’ve probably seen meme’s on facebook. I love this keychain. The size is perfect so you are digging for hours looking for it but it’s not to big and bulky to be in your pocket. All of the products from Woodfellers are amazing. These are also something different there are a lot of items out there that are just like everyone else but this little geektastic tid bits that add something different to your wardrobe.