Coming Soon- The High Score Review!

Hey Arcaders!

I’m working on new Pac-a-lisious content (plus a few surprises along the way!)  

When- all of the sudden, I’m slapped upside the head with this commercial on the Book of Face for a new documentary series- High Score! Check this out!

It looks great- and having it narrated by the voice of Mario- Charles Martinet is a win in my book!

I’m watching the series NOW- I will post a review this weekend! So far… IT”S AMAZING!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

Steve Golson – From Crazy Otto to Ms. Pac-Man- A Brief History Of General Computer Corp!

Hey Arcaders! Raygunn here-

If you know anything about me, you know that I liked any game that General Computer Corp (GCC). Who’s that? well this company changed the landscape of arcade and home games in the early to mid 1980’s! they developed lots of Atari 2600 games ( these  games they did looked and played awesome on the VCS- wanna know more about the games they did for the 2600, visit our friends over at Atariage but they created a game that really changed everything- MS. PAC-MAN! Steve Golson, one of the programmers at GCC did a 1 hour history class GCC and the development of this amazing game!!!


“Ms. Pac-Man was released in early 1982, so she turned thirty last year. Steve Golson, one of the original developers of Ms. Pac-Man at General Computer, will recount little-known stories about the creation of the game. How and why did it transform from Crazy Otto to Ms. Pac-Man? Using source code and graphics ROMs extracted from his 30-year-old 8″ floppy archives, Steve will show the evolution of game play and character design.”

Please enjoy this historic video!

and keep your eyes pealed for a surprise entry later!!!!!!