Coin Up Review Of Pac-Man!


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Welcome to the latest issue of COIN UP! This is the review series where I go back in time and review those arcade games of the past that you probably remember or or have a memory vaguely playing at the local arcade- the game tucked away in a corner while you’re waiting for your turn at Frogger. If you have a favorite game you would like to see in a review- let me know in the comments section below! Lets start this Maze Madness series on the Pac-Man games of the Bally-Midway Era, with the one that started it all! Continue reading

Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 1 Review – Now-stalgia on Disney+

Review by Joshua Jordan

(Spoiler Free)

Clone Wars is back with an impressive first episode of the last season. The title of the episode is The Bad Batch and introduces the viewers to Clone Force 99 aka The Bad Batch. They’re a group of mutated clones with abilities beyond that of normal clones. Their mission is to join Captain Rex and Commander Cody to find out why The Separatists keep countering all of Captain Rex’s Strategies. Can Rex and Cody work with a bunch of over the top mutated clones? And how are the Separatists getting their information?

The Bad Batch is a great start to the last season and I can’t wait to see how this arc ends and how it’s tied to the end of the series. In my opinion the two things that stood out were the animation and the voice work. First, the all-around presentation was gorgeous, especially the animation for the actions scenes. This is truly the best Clones Wars has ever looked. I loved a lot of the camera angles that they used which they would have never been able to do easily when the show first premiered. Second, the voice work on this episode is great since most of the characters are clones they are all voiced by the amazing Dee Bradley Baker. It consistently amazes me how he can voice each clone and give them the same voice while also making them sound distinct. 

This season of The Clone Wars seems to have a strong beginning with The Bad Batch and I can’t wait to see what else this arc has in store as well as the rest of the season.

Episode Review Score: A+



Return To Dark Tower Board Game Exceeds Kickstarter Goals!


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This is a sequel I’ve been waiting for.  A sequel to one of the greatest board games ever- Dark Tower. What?  You have never heard of Dark Tower? Well, Squire- sit back, grab a cold grog, try not to get any mutton on your tunic, and I’ll tell you the story of the Dark Tower.

We have to start out tale back in 1981…



Dark Tower is a 1981 electronic board game by Milton Bradley Company, for one to four players. The object of the game is to amass an army, collect the three keys to the Tower, and defeat the evil within. The game came out during the height of the role-playing game craze in the early 1980s. Advertising for the game included a television commercial featuring Orson Welles.- Wikipedia

As a avid D&D player- I wanted this game. but it was pricey for a board game in that day- $40.


And that year, it was either Dark Tower- or the Atari VCS. I think we know what I chose.

I always WANTED this game- But today, a working version of a almost 40 year old game can fetch $100.00 or more.

ebay auction

Let’s take a look at this game in action- you will see what the excitement was about!





Well- That is the History Of Dark Tower. But what of the sequel- Return To Dark Tower?

Check this out!


Its now on Kickstarter– Let’s just say… it’s backed. A lot. Like $2,699,723 a lot. it was backed 317%! And as of this article’s post- it has 13 days to go! That’s impressive! Now- I’ve heard this game will fetch a hefty price tag- around $200.00 I believe. The game looks amazing. But that much… I don’t know if I could let go of that much scratch.

Would you pay hundreds of dollars for a board game? Even as cool as this one?

Let me know in the comments!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

There’s A Freaks And Geeks Video game!


If you know me-

Then you know my love for this show runs deep. I was one of the geeks through and through. Man, did the early 80’s feels GET ME. I remember the utter disappointment when the show was CANCELLED (I’m not bitter…)

I remember the petition to have the show put on DVD (which of course, I signed with childhood glee) and had the opportunity to purchase the limited run Yearbook set- which I play through several times a year!FNG1 But- now I find out that there is a Freaks and Geeks…VIDEO GAME? WHAT? and it’s on… YOU TUBE? And- it’s been out for… SIX YEARS? WHAT? Have I been living under a arcade cabinet? I’m gonna have to check this out… OK- it’s a choose your own adventure. That’s cool. But the links don’t seem to be working anymore (or- it’s my stupidity- let me know in the comments section!) But- it’s cool to look at! Check it out!

I should do an episode review of the show…

See ‘ya next decade, Arcaders!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

RayGunn Is A Guest On The “What If Geeks” Podcast- Coming Soon!

AA teaser copy

Hey Arcaders!

I had the amazing opportunity To hang out with John, Paul, and Eric over at the What If Geeks Podcast this week! On their weekly show they discuss all things in Geek culture – from Superheroes to Sci-Fi, movies to TV, books, games & comics. It’s a great show and I highly recommend it! Give them a listen- and come hear ME as we talk about many geeky things, INCLUDING the Arcade Archives!

Check them out at- What If Geeks.Com

Keep Playin’ like it’s 1981!


Video Game Boom Box Disney Quest Tribute: Music From The Namco Museum!


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RayGunn here!

I wanted to jump on this Video Game Boom Box Tribute to Disney Quest. I’m trying to process all of this (as I will be a tech on closing day AND removing the games) So…I though Id go REALLY oldskewl on ya’ and blast some tunes in Quest’s honor from-


This would have been great music to blast in the Building!

If you have never play the Namco Museum series- WHAT”S WRONG WITH YA’?

Starting in 1995, the Playstation and several other consoles after these compilation discs (that even started the whole compilation trend!) of classic Namco games.

To quote the ever reliable Wikipedia-

There are six different volumes available for the PlayStation, including one (Namco Museum Encore) that was released only in Japan. Each volume has five to seven games; all of these were ported from the original arcade version’s source code — some of the games such as Galaga and Pac-Man allowed for an alternative screen mode to compensate for the lack of vertical monitor, whereby the scoreboard was located on the left of the screen, or rotated the image 90 degrees if the user possessed a vertical monitor or was willing to risk placing the television/monitor on its side.

The control systems of each of the games were well preserved. However, since the PlayStation’s analog controller was not available at the time, analog control forPole Position and Pole Position II is only supported in this compilation by Namco’s neGcon joypad.

Each package with the exception of Namco Museum Encore also had a “museum” mode where the player could walk through a virtual museum containing various curiosities surrounding the games including images of the mainboards, marketing material and conceptual artwork (all from the Japanese releases; none of the volumes contain any American materials). For this reason, the games themselves are based on the Japanese releases, although for the U.S. the games retain their U.S. changes (i.e., Pac-Man is still “Pac-Man”, as opposed to “Puckman”; the ghosts still have their U.S. names, etc.).

Namco Museum Volume 1

Namco Museum Vol 1 PS1.jpg

Pac-Man (1980)This was the first in the series for the PlayStation and contains:

If you haven’t played these- do so. NOW!

So I thought we would start this off with the entrance and explore music-

as if you were entering Venture Port and about to start your journey…

Close your eyes…

Have Fun!

Keep Playin’ Like it’s 1981!

Tardis Travel Play Pad By The Loveable Lion


That beautiful blue bundle rolls out to be the most amazing play pad ever! The Loveable Lion hit a home run with this item. I mean who wouldn’t want a special item to take on play dates that shows the world they are geeky and proud? I know I wish they had items like this when my son was little but lucky for me they have them for my grandson!


This is what it looks like rolled out it has two hand crafted toys that come with it. You can a chain toy for them to play with and a bowtie! The fabric is incredibly soft for being a cotton and it’s also padded so even if they are playing with it on a hard floor they have some cushion.


For photographic purposes I just put it on my bed with Ash. He apparently thinks it tastes good as well. This is a wonderful handcrafted item. Its very well made with tight stitching so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart. This is an item you will be able to use with all of your children and your grandchildren.


Sizing is great as well. Its not to big that its hard to travel with; plus it rolls up into a nice roll that ties shut. He was having a great time playing on it. After I took the photos I took it downstairs to our living room and he rolled all over it playing with the toys. Its also a great size to put his play gym over him.


I think that the pricing on these play pads is excellent as well. These go for $40 but keep in mind they are high quality and will last you a long time. You can also do custom requests. Right now there isn’t any geeky play pads in the store but I do know she had made a Legend of Zelda, one as well. I think if you are looking for something special this is defiantly something you want to consider.