Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Presents: Toon Review – Batman The Animated Series

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The new edition to the Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast Family- Toon Review join Ubernerd and Andrew as they review Batman the Animated Series. Want to suggest a cartoon for us to review? send us an email at or on twitter @arcadeanetwork.

Cartoon Connoisseur Theater – Building Better Blocks

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This episode we talk about cartoon scheduled blocks like Saturday Morning Cartoons, Toonami, DC Nation and others! If you’d like to join in the conversation email us at, tweet at us @talesftgamegrid, or if you’re listening on the site then reply below. Remember please leave us an iTunes review if you like the show. To  subscribe to the podcast click this link.

Block Thoughts

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Our next episode of Cartoon Connoisseur Theater will be talking about Iconic Cartoon Block Schedules (example Saturday Morning Cartoons). We want you to tell us what your favorite Cartoon Block Schedule was or is (This can also include local specific ones). So send us your answer at, on Twitter @talesftgamegrid and use #cartoonblock, on Facebook at, or reply to this very post!