DuckTales Season 2 and Star vs The Forces of Evil Reviews: NOW-stalgia on Disney+

Review by Joshua Jordan
NOW-stalgia on Disney+ is all about reviewing modern animated shows that you can find on the Disney+ streaming service.

DuckTales: Season 2 (2018)

Scrooge McDuck is the richest Duck in the world and a world famous treasure hunter. Along with some of his family Donald, Huey, Dewey, Louie, his maid Mrs. Beakley and her niece Webby, there is no treasure too hard to find or an ancient city too hidden to find.

I grew up with the original DuckTales and I was amazed how great season one of the reboot was. Season two continues this trend with great episodes and a great season story arc that comes to a satisfying end. I love both the legacy characters brought back with a slight twist and the new characters they introduce. Everything about this show is so much better than it should be. You can tell the writers have a love for the original while putting a new spin and update to the rebooted cannon. I can’t wait till next season where according to reports is going to add a plethora of characters from the original Disney Afternoon characters like Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers and Goofy from Goof Troop. Let’s hope that the great story telling continues with all of these new characters.

Review grade for season two: A+

Star vs The Forces of Evil: Entire Series (2015)

Star Butterfly is a Princess from another dimension known as the Kingdom of Mewni. After turning 14 she is given the royal magic wand which she immediately shows She is not entirely ready to use responsibility. So her parents do the only sensible thing and dump her on Earth to learn how to use her powers. There she meets Marco, a guy who likes to keep his life clear of any danger, orderly, and without too much excitement. Once Star comes into his life though everything is turned upside down. Through their adventures they encounter different dimensions, different foes to fight, and uncover the dark past of the Butterfly royal line.

At first glance this show is weird and trippy similar to Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. It even has a similar progression as the show goes on the world gets bigger as you uncover more secrets. More than anything however Star is a love letter to what is known as the Magical Girl sub-genre of anime that include shows like Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura. You can definitely see the influence all over the show’s design and even story structure. I feel that Star’s biggest strength is in its main cast. They really make you feel for every character and give a lot of them interesting character arcs. My only problem with the show is near the end where it seemed to have stretched the story out too far and I lost some of my interest till the very end. Finally, I am aware that a lot of fans were not pleased with the series’ end but in my opinion (without spoiling it) I feel it was both wacky and heartfelt. To summarize Star vs The Forces of Evil is a wacky and interesting series with interesting characters and story arcs that can delight a lot of people but not please everyone and is perfect for binging.

Review grade for the entire series: B

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Alan Young Tribute



For an actor, to have a successful TV show is an already impressive feat, but to strike gold twice and have two successful shows is a whole other thing altogether. Especially when said shows are nearly a generation apart from each other. Well, for Alan Young such a feat was accomplished.

Originally well known for his role as Wilbur Post in the TV Show “Mister Ed” alongside a horse whose character’s namesake was the title, Alan Young won the hearts of audiences as the klutzy yet genial architect who somehow seems to be the only person the horse could talk to. As a result the show had the two leads playing as a comedy duo, where the horse’s knack for making trouble and having a very human behavior was the most fun part of the series, along with the fact that other characters would hear Wilbur talk to Ed and wonder who he was talking to. In addition, Wilbur being accident-prone and inadvertently causing harm to himself and others was another running gag.

The show ran from January 5, 1961 until February 6 of 1966 and was one of the few shows to debut in syndication and be picked up by a major network for prime time.

But even as iconic as that show was, Alan Young would find his career go into a whole new direction when he got into voice-acting for animation, particularly when he was cast as the voice of Scrooge McDuck in 1974. However, it would hit another high point when Alan voiced the character in the TV Show “DuckTales” from 1987 to 1990 for the Disney Afternoon, as well as reprising the role in “Mickey’s Christmas Carol”. As such, Alan Young had become the official voice actor for Scrooge McDuck for many years after that, even voicing the character in the Kingdom Hearts series and most recently, “DuckTales Remastered” and the Mickey Mouse cartoon episode “Goofy’s First Love” in 2015.


Although he would also voice characters like Farmer Smurf from “The Smurfs” and Hiram Flaversham in Disney’s “The Great Mouse Detective”, Scrooge McDuck still remains the most popular animated character of all of Alan’s voice-over roles, and it isn’t hard to see why: Alan’s characterization of Scrooge gave us fans somebody that can be charming yet haughty, but when the chips are down he will step up and do the right thing, and it all feels in character and isn’t artificial in any way. As such even when Scrooge is being overbearing it doesn’t take away his likeability, which is no easy task.

Now even though Alan is no longer with us, let us all celebrate the legacy he left behind in the body of work he did in his life, as well as the two notable shows that put him on the map, especially the role that we animation fans know him for.


Alan Young

Video Game Boom Box Halloween Edition: Transylvania theme – Ducktales


Video Game Boom Box Halloween

“Music has been an important part of video games since the beginning. From classic video games like Pong and Tetris to newer games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy music can make or break a video game just as much as gameplay. So in some ways music really makes the game. Think of playing Super Mario Bros. without the theme song playing would it not be the same? Of course it isn’t! The real question is can video game music inspire others to make music? For us here at the Arcade Archive the answer is a whole-hearted, yes! That is why we created this series of articles which will highlight some songs that are inspired by the video games we play.”

 That was the original statement of Video Game Boom Box and it still holds true today. The new Video Game Boom Box is going be a little different than previous articles. Now we will share a video of the music and give some brief thoughts on the featured song or we may just put up the video of the music just for you to enjoy. Please feel free to send comment on the bottom of each post and let us know what your thoughts are of the music. You could also request a song yourself by emailing us at  or tweet at us @arcadeanetwork

This Halloween we are proud to present to you music that will get you in a spooky mood. These songs will be coming from non-horror games (because that would be way too easy). So sit back and make sure that the lights are on…you’ve been warned!

Transylvania theme – Ducktales

Scrooge Mcduck’s billionaire life is sure like a hurricane (sorry someone had to reference the theme song) especially in this game. You go from the amazon, to the Himalayas, to even the moon just to get your hands on some weird treasure. However the weirdest place you have to visit is Transylvania. With mummy, vampire, and skeleton ducks on your tail feathers Transylvania sure lives up to its name. One of the best parts is that this level comes with equally creepy music. Capcom was the creators of this game and more than likely took some of their experience from making Castlevania into this level and possibly even the music. In Ducktales: remastered, done by the widely talented Wayforward they amped up the music to almost a cinematic feel and gave it that extra rock feel too. Both versions of the song are quite amazing so we put both versions on this post.

Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast – Reboot

CCT main logo

We are relaunching Cartoon Connoisseur Theater as a podcast! To celebrate we are talking about rebooting classic cartoon with special guest Dave from Zowie Kerpowey’s The 52 Now. If you liked this please comment below and we will read your comments on the air!

A Special Announcement From Cartoon Connoisseur Theater


We are turning Cartoon Connoisseur Theater into a Podcast and we need your help! Our first subject is going to tackle revamping cartoons like Ducktales, Inspector Gadget, etc. We want to know what cartoon you want to see revamped. so go to twitter before March 23rd and write your answer and use the hashtag #revitalizedcartoon to hear you answers on the podcast.

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Video Game Boom Box: For The Gamers – MegaRan


 Music has been an important part of video games since the beginning. From classic games like Pong and Tetris to newer games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, in some ways music really makes the game. Think playing Super Mario Bros. without the theme playing is the same? But can video game music inspire others to make music? For us here at the Arcade Archive the answer is a whole-hearted, yes! That is why we created this series of articles which will highlight some songs that are inspired by the video games we play.


For the Gamers (written by Ubernerd527)

For the Gamers, is from a Hip Hop Artist that gets his name from a classic game character. Mega Ran aka Random is a Philadelphia born Hip Hop Artist who started his career in 2006 with his debut album The Call. But in 2007 he decided to go a little different direction for his second album and took music from the classic Megaman games and uses them as beats for a lot of his songs. The album was a hit and gave Random a lot of press on the internet. But most amazingly of all he got CAPCOM’s blessing to use the music for future albums. For the Gamers is from his eighth album called Forever Famicom which came out in 2010 and was produced by K-Murdock of the progressive Hip Hop group Panacea. The album is mostly dedicated to classic games from the NES and Super NES systems. Classic games like EarthBound, StreetFighter 2010, Chronotrigger, Metroid, and others are used. The name of the title comes from Nintendo’s first system in Japan called The Famicom.

This was the first song that I ever heard from Mega Ran and I was really impressed. I remember listening to it at the end of a Podcast and afterwards reloading the Podcast and skipping to the end to hear the song over and over again.  The song, which takes music from one of my favorite games, DuckTales (the original NES version) is dedicated to the Hardcore gamer. It really speaks to me a lot because of the verses in the song are things that I have done in my life as a Video Gamer.

My favorite part of the song is the end where Mega Ran lists off a lot of old school video games to the tune of The Moon level from DuckTales. This song I believe shows Mega Ran’s love for video games as well as Gamers themselves. I would really like to make this the Video Gamers’ National Anthem for I feel that I have to stand at attention every time I hear it. If you are interested in more music from Mega Ran please check out his website: