Clocks and Kanji Square Bottomed Dice Bag by Marsbarn Review


I love these dice bags! Not only are they so cute but they also stand up on their own which makes them awesome. Marsbarn‘s got the best dice bags around the best part is they are reversible.


I love both of the patterns to this bag but there are tons to chose from. The bag is also very well made. It has nice tight stitching so you don’t have to worry about seems breaking. It also looks great no matter what side you have it on. So there isn’t an issue of one side looking better then the other, it reverses seamlessly.


The bags looks great when it’s closed as well! The ends of the pull string are also dipped in epoxy so you don’t have to worry about the ends fraying. They are some of the best dice bags I have seen in a while. I also think that although it’s not there purpose but there are many awesome greektastic patterns such as Doctor Who, Marvel, and Star Wars just to name a few but I feel like these could also be used as awesome hand bags as well.


I do think that the clock is my favorite side since to me it has a steampunk feel about it. I can’t wait to show this off at my next game!!! With the holidays coming this is also an awesome gift for yourself or someone else.

Tardis Travel Play Pad By The Loveable Lion


That beautiful blue bundle rolls out to be the most amazing play pad ever! The Loveable Lion hit a home run with this item. I mean who wouldn’t want a special item to take on play dates that shows the world they are geeky and proud? I know I wish they had items like this when my son was little but lucky for me they have them for my grandson!


This is what it looks like rolled out it has two hand crafted toys that come with it. You can a chain toy for them to play with and a bowtie! The fabric is incredibly soft for being a cotton and it’s also padded so even if they are playing with it on a hard floor they have some cushion.


For photographic purposes I just put it on my bed with Ash. He apparently thinks it tastes good as well. This is a wonderful handcrafted item. Its very well made with tight stitching so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart. This is an item you will be able to use with all of your children and your grandchildren.


Sizing is great as well. Its not to big that its hard to travel with; plus it rolls up into a nice roll that ties shut. He was having a great time playing on it. After I took the photos I took it downstairs to our living room and he rolled all over it playing with the toys. Its also a great size to put his play gym over him.


I think that the pricing on these play pads is excellent as well. These go for $40 but keep in mind they are high quality and will last you a long time. You can also do custom requests. Right now there isn’t any geeky play pads in the store but I do know she had made a Legend of Zelda, one as well. I think if you are looking for something special this is defiantly something you want to consider.

Dalak Votive Candle Holder by Izzy’s Creation


In case you haven’t figured it out I’m a major Whovian! So when I got the chance to review this Dalak votive candle holder by Izzy’s Creation. It is beautiful now keep in mind I don’t have a lot of real candles in my house any more because I have a very sketchy cat and my house is 100 years old.


Even with this funky cube light thing I have in there, in the dark you can still see this expertly etched Dalak! The photos don’t do it justice. It is such a wonderful etching that is very detailed and even. There isn’t any errors in the design so you don’t have to worry about anything looking off. This is a perfect but subtle piece to display in your home or even in your office.


I really like the way it looks with the different colors in it. I absolutely love this candle holder. I find it hard to believe that some people don’t love Doctor Who as much as I do; if that’s the case don’t worry there are other options for you. Also if you want Walking Dead glasses instead. No worries there is a set with Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon.


Maybe you want something else a hat maybe or a zombie ear necklace. Izzy’s Creation has what you are looking for. I promise you with the holidays coming you are going to want to check out this store.

Exploding Tardis Necklace By The Mythical Merchant


The first thing I would like to say is photos just don’t do this necklace justice! It is fantastic; The Mythical Merchant did an amazing job on it.


This photo is slightly better! The coloring is so vivid and the image is so clear. The pendant is also good size, about the size of a half dollar. So it will stand out when you wear it. I wore it out to an event last night. I received several compliments on my pretty necklace although they weren’t Whovians so they didn’t realize how cool it really is. I also really liked the chain it came on. Instead of it being a plain silver chain, its a black toned chain.


The Exploding Tardis isn’t the only awesome necklace they have at The Mythical Merchant! There are Marvel, Pokemon, Zelda, Nightmare Before Christmas, and so much more. I didn’t see an option for custom orders so that might not be an option for you. Necklaces start at $14.00. Which is totally worth is for this geektastic accessory.

Blue Cherry Jewellery Review


I had the pleasure of reviewing two items from Blue Cherry Jewellery. Which was awesome since it was items designed after two of my favorite series; Doctor Who and Harry Potter.


For Doctor Who I reviewed this fantastic Tardis fragment necklace. It looks great in person; its also light weight so its comfortable to wear. I love this necklace its so different from the normal Doctor Who Tardis necklaces. Its also a wonderful addition to any outfit! I love the coloring so it looks like an exploded piece of the Tardis.


The other item I got to review was this wonderful chocolate frog keychain. It is a beautifully sculpted frog. He is a delightfully fun accessory. Its also another geeky fun thing that not everyone has like the exploded Tardis piece. Theses aren’t your everyday items that everyone has it’s also a great way to support your favorite fandoms!


All the items in the store are hand crafted and hand sculpted out of polymer clay. There are so many items to choice from its hard to pick a favorite. You can also do custom orders if you don’t see the exact item you are looking for. Although they cover so many different fandoms I think there is something for everyone in this most excellent shop!!

Left 4 Dead First Aid Pouch by The Monostache Review


So who else is a Left 4 Dead fan? I love games where I can kill stuff! I know it’s not very PC but it’s who I am; besides what do you expect from a CSI student.


The dapper wonders of The Monostache were able to turn my love of Left 4 Dead into a useful item. This first aid pouch is meant to be used as either a phone pouch or a portable console case. I however don’t always go with the flow and found it also works great as a little purse that you can hook to your pants. Yeah I know total girl move!


As you can see from the photo above there is actually two separate pockets inside the pouch. So if you are using it for your portable console there is a separate pocket for game or cable storage. The pouch is also padded so it offers screen protection to your devices. The pouch is a high quality hand crafted item. The stitching is strong tight stitching. The velcro that is used for closing the pouch is wide and strong. Even the stitching for the ribbon handle is a strong stitching so there is no fear of it breaking and dropping your stuff.


In case you haven’t noticed I love this pouch! The price is right to they sell for $20. Not a fan of Left 4 Dead? That’s ok too! Their are others to choose from such a Doctor Who Tardis one or a Portals one or you can custom order what will fit your needs! I feel these are a must for any gamer that likes to show the world who they are!