Video Game Boom Box-Disney Quest Tribute: Super Mario Galaxy Staff Roll


And so, to finish this tribute to Disney Quest here is a theme from Super Mario Galaxy 1.  In many ways the theme is very fitting since in a lot of ways a quest has ended for many of us who worked at that Blue Box, but with every ending always comes the dawn of a brand new adventure, with new challenges, new friends, new obstacles and whole new worlds just around the river bend.

So as a former poptart to all fellow poptarts new and old, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and wherever life takes us, may we all remember this:

“Once a poptart, always a poptart!”

So to everyone, “Keep playing like it’s 1981!”  And when you do, “Play with power, because there are no limits!”

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world.  But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” – Walt Disney


Video Game Boom Box Disney Quest Tribute: Music From The Namco Museum- Dig Dug!


Hey Arcaders- Next up in our continuing tribute to Big Blue Box is a game we have on the 3rd floor, AND on the 5th-

Dig Dug!

This music plays when you enter his room in the museum.

So, hit start on that control panel…

Have Fun!!!

Video Game Boom Box Disney Quest Tribute: Music From The Namco Museum- Ms. Pac – Man!


Hey Arcaders- Next up in our continuing tribute to Big Blue Box is a game we have on the 3rd floor, she sits next to her hubby at AstroBlaster-


This music plays when you enter her room in the museum.

So, hit start on that control panel…

Have Fun!!!

Video Game Boom Box Disney Quest Tribute: Music From The Namco Museum!


Hey Arcaders!


RayGunn here!

I wanted to jump on this Video Game Boom Box Tribute to Disney Quest. I’m trying to process all of this (as I will be a tech on closing day AND removing the games) So…I though Id go REALLY oldskewl on ya’ and blast some tunes in Quest’s honor from-


This would have been great music to blast in the Building!

If you have never play the Namco Museum series- WHAT”S WRONG WITH YA’?

Starting in 1995, the Playstation and several other consoles after these compilation discs (that even started the whole compilation trend!) of classic Namco games.

To quote the ever reliable Wikipedia-

There are six different volumes available for the PlayStation, including one (Namco Museum Encore) that was released only in Japan. Each volume has five to seven games; all of these were ported from the original arcade version’s source code — some of the games such as Galaga and Pac-Man allowed for an alternative screen mode to compensate for the lack of vertical monitor, whereby the scoreboard was located on the left of the screen, or rotated the image 90 degrees if the user possessed a vertical monitor or was willing to risk placing the television/monitor on its side.

The control systems of each of the games were well preserved. However, since the PlayStation’s analog controller was not available at the time, analog control forPole Position and Pole Position II is only supported in this compilation by Namco’s neGcon joypad.

Each package with the exception of Namco Museum Encore also had a “museum” mode where the player could walk through a virtual museum containing various curiosities surrounding the games including images of the mainboards, marketing material and conceptual artwork (all from the Japanese releases; none of the volumes contain any American materials). For this reason, the games themselves are based on the Japanese releases, although for the U.S. the games retain their U.S. changes (i.e., Pac-Man is still “Pac-Man”, as opposed to “Puckman”; the ghosts still have their U.S. names, etc.).

Namco Museum Volume 1

Namco Museum Vol 1 PS1.jpg

Pac-Man (1980)This was the first in the series for the PlayStation and contains:

If you haven’t played these- do so. NOW!

So I thought we would start this off with the entrance and explore music-

as if you were entering Venture Port and about to start your journey…

Close your eyes…

Have Fun!

Keep Playin’ Like it’s 1981!

Happy Halloween From The Stephens Clan!

sotss logo new


Yeah, I know it’s a day late- someone had the games running at DisneyQuest last night! So, with Super Mario Month out of the way, and Halloween done, I’ts time for the holiday season to begin. But, Before we move on, one of my favorite artists has celebrated a milestone.


Four years ago, Sperry posted her first Saga of The Seven Steves!  The characters have come a long way since then, but her attention to detail and story writing have always been the cornerstone of the comic.

Now, to celebrate I have a new comic for Halloween, and a surprise!


…And now, circa 1982-

Congratulations Theo!

Save DisneyQuest

46988e8e7213af9fe234cccbe77b066eHey Arcaders!

It’s been a sad week. We were told on Monday of the week of this posting, that yes, in fact DisneyQuest will be closing sometime in summer, 2016 to make way for the NBA Experience- a multi-million dollar NBA restaurant and entertainment venue. And while all of us at DisneyQuest are saddened, I think deep down, we all knew it was coming for a long time. The stories and speculations have been abound for over a decade. Every review site and newsgroup that has anything to do with Disney have been always looking at us as the “stepchild” of the property and waiting patently to say it’s goodbyes to it. But we are more than that. So much more. This site was into it’s 3rd year when I became a cast member here and brought the greatest group of geeks and nerds that worked with me on board for the ride. And the Archives is better for it- because of the cast members DisneyQuest- we are one of a kind.  And over the next year, we- the cast of DisneyQuest will be telling it’s story- because we are the best ones for the job. There is a petition to keep the building open- And gang, I’m here to tell Ya’- the deal’s been done. It won’t keep it open- but between this and all the guest outcry, maybe- just maybe, they will realize they NEED something like DisneyQuest- ON PROPERTY. Somewhere. So, please sign. Let our voices be heard.

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981


Save DisneyQuest petition at