E3-Nintendo-What do you think?


Hey Arcaders!

So, what did you think of all the releases for the Big N this year?  good?  bad? What will you be getting?

I know Skylanders Turbochargers is in my future- And being able to play as Donkey Kong in the game- Priceless!

But,let’s see what you think- click on the game and/or Amiibo youre really excited for!

Interactive Figure Podcast- Episode# 2!


Here we are at Episode 2! With E3 looming next week, and HUGE news already released about all figures and games in the last few weeks, we have a lot to talk about! And… we have some guests in the studio! lets get started!

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Interactive Figure Podcast- Episode# 1!



Welcome to a show that I’ve wanted to do for a long time- Interactive figures and the games they roam in are everywhere- and there’s a show for each one. But I wanted to raise the bar- cover all figures and games! Figure reviews- character stats, fighting style, special abilities, as well as the figures themselves- release dates, design, appearance, and even the special editions of each one! The games- the up to date news and reviews on each game.

Your going to find that and more right here as UberNerd 527,  Jab0238, Sirluna, and me, RayGunn present- THE INTERACTIVE FIGURE PODCAST! Enjoy!

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Tales From The Game Grid #15


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The Electric Circus Episode #4- The Interactive Figure Review!

Electric Circus New Logo copy

Here it is-  Episode # 4 !  Are you a toys to life fan?  Whats that, you ask?  It’s those games with portals and the crazy characters you put on them-  allowing you to play AS THAT CHARACTER in a game! So, I thought, let’s talk about these games! So this episode is all about interactive figures and the games they live in! Enjoy!