The Electric Circus Episode #6- Goin’ to Krum’s World!

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Hey Arcaders! The UberNerd and I had the chance to go LIVE to KRUM’S WORLD COMICS AND COLLECTABLES in Winter Garden! It’s an amazing NEW comic book shop and we were there for the Empire’s Appreciation Day, celebrating both Star Wars and Star Trek. We met ALOT great cosplayers and more! We wanna thank the gang at Krum’s World Comics and Collectables for having us in and giving all of us nerds a new place to get our geek on!

Other BIG news is our newest author and AWESOME artist on the site- SheepyDoodle!  She’s a talented artist- go see some of her amazing work on her Instagram site Check her out- She’s amazing!


Cartoon Connoisseur Theater – Beware My Power Green Lantern’s Light!


This Time we’re taking a look at Green Lantern through cartoons! We also have the guys from Zowie Kerpowey’s the 52 Now joining us again!

Another Zowie Kerpowey Preview- The 52 Now With Podcast Pascoe!


Hey Arcaders!

Raygunn here with another Zowie Zerpowey preview-

the 52 copy

This is a show I’m really excited about! The 52 Now will be a weekly Marvel/DC comics show that discusses books, tv, movies, and anything in the comic book realm!

Mr. Podcast Pascoe is the host, and brings his passion of comic books to the forefront and makes it fast and fun! So, enjoy the preview episode of The 52 Now!

The final tweaking of Zowie Kerpowey. will be done this weekend! Just an exciting time for The Arcade Archives Network!