Detective Pikachu Review – Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast

WE’RE BACK!! The Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast is your podcast destination for all things cartoon related. Join your host Joshua (aka Ubernerd527) as he talks shows, movies, and comics from traditonal to anime. Our first podcast includes a review of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. Does this movie stand up to all the hype? Can it please hardcore fans and newcomers alike? listen in to find out. Also don’t forget to leave your review in the post below!

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Pokémon Rewind Episode 7 “The Crystal Onix” – A Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Mini-Cast

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The Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast is proud to present a new segment: Pokémon Rewind! We will be going through the story arcs of the Pokémon Anime episode by episode. This time Ubernerd takes a look at the seventh episode of the Adventures in the Orange Island story arc entitled: The Crystal Onix. This month is PokéPals Month so @ubernerd527 is joined by @ultrasonic9 to talk about the episode.

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Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Presents: Toon Review – Batman The Animated Series

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The new edition to the Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast Family- Toon Review join Ubernerd and Andrew as they review Batman the Animated Series. Want to suggest a cartoon for us to review? send us an email at or on twitter @arcadeanetwork.

RWBY Ruby Rose Figure Unboxing with Ubernerd527


This is special treat for all the Arcaders out there in celebration of our upcoming Cartoon Connoisseur Podcast talking about the show RWBY. I unbox a new Ruby Rose (figure) that I have just recently received.

song used Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs

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