Introduction to Tabletop Games



Dungeons and Dragons

Hello and salutations gamers! My name is furphinatrix and I’m here to introduce you to a different type of gaming that maybe you have heard of but aren’t familiar with. These types of games don’t require a TV, monitor, gaming console, PC, or controllers, although some of the games have an electronic version also. You can use paper and pencil or a cell phone or tablet to keep track of your stats, depending on the game. I’m talking about tabletop games! (And I don’t mean Monopoly, Clue, or The Game of Life.) Tabletop games come in many shapes, sizes, genres, and difficulty. There are games for beginner, intermediate, and expert gamers, as well as games for children and adults.

My name is furphinatrix (or Shanna to the real world) and I have been playing video games and board games since I was a child. Some of the oldest memories I have of playing games are Candyland with my family, Pitfall on the Atari, and Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis. I have only been playing tabletop games for a couple of years, so it’s a relatively new adventure. I have some experience in RPG (role playing game) games like Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons. Here are a few popular tabletop games:

• Dungeons and Dragons
• Pathfinder
• Ticket to Ride
• Zombie Dice
• Star Wars X-Wing
• Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge
• Settlers of Catan
• Warhammer

I’m usually the designated cleric healer of our group. Clerics are capable of physical combat and use divine magic to heal creatures and can use magic to attack.

I wanted to keep this article short as an introduction to tabletop games and myself. Be on the lookout for my next article hopefully next month!

Check out Retrory- a memory card matching game!

Hey Arcaders!

I was just over at the ATARIAGE website when I saw this post and just wanted to share it! I think this a great Idea if you love video game based board games (like I do) or just anything retro (like I do.)

AtariAge user apemaster from Yoda’s Video Arcade has announced a new game called Retrory. Retrory is a memory card matching game, where you find pairs of matching cards by turning them over. This is a physical game, as opposed to a video game, featuring 80 cards (40 “pairs”) and a 12-page full-color instruction booklet, packed in a 2600-style box. The cards themselves are 6cm x 6cm (2.4″) square and are about 2mm thick. Each card is double-sided and full-color printed, with a canvas-structure finish.

The card pairs in this game are not identical images, but instead two different images from the same game. The goal of the game is to find matching pairs, but in order to find them you have to know the games. You can increase the game’s difficulty by having to name the game when finding a match. The game features images from officially released 2600 games, and the instruction booklet shows all the pairs and their corresponding game names. The price per game is $40 Euros (around $45 USD), including worldwide airmail shipping. To learn how to order your copy of Retrory, please visit the Atari 2600 Forum over at ATARIAGE. Al and everyone over there are great, and the site is quite a read if you are into everything ATARI!

Special mini Review for the holiday- Stay Frosty 2 for the Atari 2600!


Hey Arcaders!

Raygunn here, and I just wanna say from all of us here at the Archives- HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Thought I jump in before all the festivities start the Gunn household, and do a mini review of sorts.

Al and all of our friends over at ATARIAGE do a fantastic job preserving everything Atari! So, it’s no surprize when they release a new homebrew title that completely knocks all of us off our feet! And these talented programmers and artists work on this for very little money (if at all) just for the passion of keeping one of the greatest names in video game history alive!

Then you get an amazing video game experience like STAY FROSTY 2- STAY FROSTIER! Just looking at this programming tour de force you keep thinking – This is not on the 2600!!!

All character animations are so fluid, you would swear you were playing this on a Colecovision! Music is top notch too!




Extinguish the pesky fireballs, either by throwing snowballs or simply running over them! The larger the fireball, the more snow it takes to put it out. But remember, our hero is only made of snow! He’ll melt a little bit whenever he touches something hot, with each snowball thrown or just as time passes. You have to replenish him with the ice blocks scattered around.

Ice blocks also melt as time passes, so you’ll need to be quick. To make matters worse, everything melts faster as the day progresses. If your snowman melts past his neck or falls through the floor he loses a life. If he loses all of his lives the game ends. After your game ends, you can choose to continue playing from the last level reached up to two times. Your score and lives will be reset.

There are 32 different layouts in Stay Frosty 2 which repeat for 128 total levels. Each time you complete a set of 32 levels, the weather gets a little hotter and everything melts a little faster. After every 32nd level, you’ll rescue one of Santa’s helpers. After level 128, you’ll rescue Santa himself and win the game!

Just look at this game in action!

It reminds me of an arcade game I used to play- Guzzler!


So, if you want to get a unique, fun and timeless gift for the 2600 owner, head over to the ATARIAGE website and get a copy- I am!!!!!


Tales From The Game Grid #11

Tales 11 finished

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Space Invaders Accessories by Level Up Crafts Review


I want to say right up front the color scheme that I reviewed isn’t available in the Level Up Crafts store yet! This makes it even cooler for me to test out a new color; which by the way I love!  The color scheme I’m reviewing is a red and white set.  I was going to review a necklace and an adjustable ring; however when I opened the package to my surprise every package comes with a thank you gift which was an awesome hair pin!


The red in all three items is amazingly intense with a bit of a glitter to it. It’s not a weird red either, you know how you buy some red items and it’s not really red? That isn’t the case with these products you want red that is what you get. Also the white is a pure white not a dingy white.


If you think these items might be super heavy you are very wrong. I actually own earrings that weigh more! That doesn’t make them cheap, they are all high quality. Plus it’s great to be able to wear video game inspired accessories with my t-shirts! I mean I rock a pretty mean gameboy shirt I need the perfect thing to wear with it!


These are also items that people are going to notice when you where them! I had several people tell me my jewelry was so cool, of course I always tell them where they can get their own.  Of course video game styles aren’t the only style you can purchase there is also comic book characters, zombie hands, and much more to choice from.


Atari Landfill Excavation on April 26th!

alamogoro title copyHey Arcaders!

In just 5 short days, a HUGE piece of video game history will be “unearthed” literally  for the first time in 31 years!

For the uninitiated- in 1983- Atari’s home division was in a financial downward spiral. Several lackluster games, and a poor 1st year showing for the 5200 game system had Atari scrambling.  One plan they had was to take the ENTIRE INVENTORY OF A WAREHOUSE IN EL PASO,TEXAS, AND DUMP IT IN A LANDFILL IN ALAMOGORDO, NEW MEXICO! And, as the legend goes, that’s exactly what they did! There has always been rumors of what exactly was dumped- One story, is it was what was left of the E.T. cartridges that didn’t sell. Another story- a huge overstock of Atari 400 and 800 computers. Yet another was empty cartridge shells. Dumped, buried, and sealed over with concrete… to be forgotten forever. Or so they thought. Millions of Arcaders all over the world heard the story through news articles, magazines, books, and just from someone else who had remembered the legend. Well, after all these years, it  looks like the story will finally be told on April 26th, as Fuel Entertainment has received permission from the city to excavate the site!

They plan on creating a documentary film surrounding the myths, facts and exploration of this legend. Ready Player One author Ernest Cline will be on-hand for the event, and he’s written up a blog post detailing his upcoming adventure. The general public has been invited to attend this dig, so if you’re an Atari fan and in the area, be sure to attend! A big thanks to Albert over at ATARIAGE for the heads up on the progress!